Harry Kane WILL hold transfer talks with Tottenham amid Man Utd & City interest and says he won't always be worth £100m

HARRY KANE is preparing to have an 'open and honest' conversation with Daniel Levy over his future.

It was revealed last week how the Spurs superstar has told the club he wants to leave this summer following another trophy-less campaign.

Both Manchester clubs and Chelsea are likely to be involved in a high-stakes transfer tug-of-war for the 27-year-old striker.

And Kane admitted he thinks owner Daniel Levy could be tempted to cash in while reiterating his desire to play in the biggest matches.

He told Gary Neville on The Overlap: "He's been great with me, always rewarded me with contracts, he's been fair.

"I'm not sure how the conversation will go to be honest.

"He might want to sell me. He might think 'if I can get £100m for you then, why not?' I might not be worth that in the next 2 or 3 years.

"I hope we have a good enough relationship, I've been there 16 years of my life so I hope we can have a good honest conversation and see where we're at.

"I want to be playing in the biggest games. The biggest moments.

"Like, this season I’m there watching the Champions League, watching the English teams in there doing amazing. They are the games that I want to be involved in.

"I want to be in them games. So for sure, it’s a moment in my career where I have to kind of reflect and see where I’m at and have a good, honest conversation with the chairman.

"I’m sure that he’ll want to set out the plan of where he sees it but ultimately it’s going to be down to me and how I feel and what’s going to be the best for me and my career this moment in time."

Kane added how he doesn't want to end his career with any regrets and believes he still has 'another career' to play.

He added: "For me it is, I don’t want to have come to the end of my career and have any regrets.

"So, I want to be the best that I can be. I’ve said before, I’d never say that I’d stay at Spurs for the rest of my career. I’d never say that I would leave Spurs.

"I’m at that stage where you could say, you know. People might look at it as 'He’s desperate for trophies, he needs trophies'.

"I still feel like I’ve still got almost another career to play. I’ve got another seven or eight years. Kind of what I’ve had so far in the Premier League.

"So I’m not, I’m not rushing anything. I just want to be the best version of me. I feel like for sure I’ve got so much more to give. I feel like I can be even better than what I’ve been.


"I can produce better numbers than what I’m producing at the moment.

"I feel like I can. I’ve said before and people. I’m not afraid to say that I want to be the best. I’m not afraid to say I want to try get on the level that Ronaldo and Messi got to.

"You know, that’s my ultimate goal. That’s my aim, to be winning trophies season in, season out. Scoring 50, 60, 70 goals season in, season out.

"That’s the standard I want to set myself because I feel like if I give myself anything lower then I might get to the end of my career and be like 'Actually, I could’ve maybe done a little bit more, I could’ve scored a few more goals'.

"So, that’s my drive. The pressure for myself is always bigger than what anyone else can put on me. Like I said, I feel like I’ve almost got another career to go and achieve what I want to achieve."

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