Jose Canseco fires back at Dave Portnoy after $1 million boxing ‘dive’ accusation

Jose Canseco’s Barstool Sports experience sounds profitable and miserable.

The retired baseball slugger lashed out on Twitter on Monday night after Dave Portnoy claimed Canseco took “a dive” and made $1 million thanks to the company breaking its PPV sales record for the Rough ‘N Rowdy event.

The retired baseball slugger fought Barstool’s Will Cotter, known as “Billy Football,” in the main event Friday night. The fight ended after 12 seconds with Canseco crumbled in the corner and unwilling to continue due to an alleged shoulder issue.

“Get my name out of your filthy New England chowder filled mouth @stoolpresidente You’re a liar & a greasy salesmen,” Canseco tweeted.

“You and your Barstool minions need to put down the marijuana and focus on your failing business #CrumblingEmpire”

Portnoy simply quote-tweeted “weird” to Canseco’s first tweet, seemingly taking a step back from the type of feud that he usually feeds off of.

According to Portnoy’s previous claims, Canseco made $50,000 up front but also got the $1 million for the record-breaking sales. The fight cost $20 to rent for fans.

“Jose 100% took a dive,” Portnoy tweeted on Friday night. “We paid half up front and he got double if he won. We thought that would ensure he’d fight. We were wrong.”

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