Madcap Leeds boss Bielsa ‘likes to get completely naked and lie on top of a table for 30 minutes after losing’ – The Sun

MARCELO BIELSA gets completely naked and lies on top of a table for 30 minutes when his team loses, it has been revealed.

Former Liverpool star Mark Gonzalez and Chile international Jose Pedro Fuenzalida have lifted the lid on the Leeds manager's bizarre habit.

Gonzalez, 35, and Fuenzalida, 34, played under Bielsa during his spell in charge of the Chile squad from 2007 until 2011.

When asked to tell some good stories from their playing days, Gonzales recalled an incident after their defeat to Ecuador.

Speaking on Chile television show Abrazo de GOL, he said: "Bielsa entered the dressing room.

"He was really hot, walking up and down, not speaking with anybody. There was another dressing room next to us and he was there.

"We walked in and he was completely naked, laying on top of a treatment table like someone was going to perform surgery on him.

"He was there for about 30 minutes, totally naked."

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