Mo Salah and Sadio Mane are wanted by everyone… but why on Earth would they leave Liverpool? – The Sun

MO SALAH and Sadio Mane are clearly on the wanted lists of Europe’s big spenders, but why would they want to leave Liverpool now?

Even if the likes of Real Madrid are lining up, I don’t see why they would want to go elsewhere. This is a club in Liverpool on the up, a huge club and they are well and truly back.

You’ve just won the Premier League, won the Champions League last year… keep going and you’re on the cusp of greatness.

Jurgen Klopp’s side could dominate for a few more years, so they will not be willing to let their superstars go and I don’t see any reason they would leave.

For next season, I think Liverpool need only a small turnover of squad players to keep things fresh, keep the squad hungry.

Not one of the first-choice starting XI were born when they last won the title 30 years ago so it’s not an ageing squad.

I could see them bring one big hitter in, which will push those already there even further.

But when you look at the team; the keeper, top class. The full backs, heaped with praise.

They could add a centre-back alongside Virgil Van Dijk but Joe Gomez and Joel Matip have done well.

Then you look at midfield and frontline and whoever they go out and buy, are they going to improve this team that much?

Boss Klopp now has the job of getting them ready for the next challenges.

There will be a feeling of total relief given how long they wait to seal the title and the small matter of that 30 years.

But also elation at what they have achieved. They’ve been the best team by miles.

Two defeats in two years, two defeats! When you put it like that, it’s just incredible.

When I watched the Crystal Palace game, the last few minutes just epitomised them.

They were 4-0 up, in the 91st minute and seven or eight players were hunting to get the ball back.

That comes from the manager, from the recruitment and from the entire attitude of the club.

To come back from losing only one game last season and not winning the title, to winning the Champions League and producing this now, it’s amazing.

We’ll now find out how hard they’ve been partying, which they deserve by the way, and how motivated they are to go on again.

I hope they try and break all sorts of records, the 107 points available might never be beaten.

It probably helps their motivation that they play Man City on Thursday as they’ll want to put on a show.

City will show great respect with the guard of honour but it will be through gritted teeth.

That will be pretty painful for Pep Guardiola and City, that it’s fallen in this game. It would’ve been nice for the title to be decided there but Liverpool made sure it wasn’t.

For next season, City are clearly going to have to improve.

They’ve got to replace Vincent Kompany, which they failed to do this year.

And although they have a great talent in Phil Foden, someone has to fill the shoes of David Silva.

City lost a bit of hunger this year but they are still serial winners and they’ve still got a chance for something great themselves.

With the League Cup in the bag, they could still win another two trophies in the FA Cup and Champions League and wow, what an achievement that would be.

Next season could be special.

Clearly Liverpool and City aren’t going away but now Chelsea have made their intentions known with their signings.

And if they bring in a couple more, they could mount a challenge.

Manchester United are on their way back but need improvement in defence. But three or four additions across the team and they could challenge and we could be in for a great season again next

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