NFL looked into Jabrill Peppers over gun theft possibly tied to homicide

If the Giants thought Odell Beckham Jr. was trouble, they are going to have a real fun time with the guy they traded him for.

Security officials working for the NFL were forced to go to cops in Cleveland and ask for police reports on newly minted Giant Jabrill Peppers — just to make sure he wasn’t being investigated for murder, according to a report.

A league security representative asked the Cleveland Police Department for documents stating that Peppers — a safety and punt returner whom the Giants got for Beckham in a trade two weeks ago — isn’t a suspect in the killing of a homeless woman who may have stolen a gun from his car, Cleveland’s News 5 reported.

They also asked for documents relating to a report Peppers made on Jan. 29 about the theft of his Glock semi-automatic handgun from his SUV, along with some other items, including a bag with his jersey number on it, an iPad and his sunglasses.

A 57-year-old woman named Marsha Carroll was listed as a possible suspect for the theft. She was found beaten on Feb. 6 and later died at a local hospital.

Police confirmed that Peppers isn’t a suspect in any investigation — only a victim of theft of the gun, according to cops and the NFL.

But the request was a bizarre episode that comes after the Giants unloaded Beckham, who has been involved in controversies, such as being seen in a social media post with some suspicious substances.

Police arrested a 26-year-old man named Deointa Campbell for the murder, after they allegedly found him near the crime scene with blood on his hands and pants and reeking of alcohol.

The NFL’s request was for “any and all documentation regarding the reported theft of items belonging to Jabrill Peppers…” as well as “any documentation indicating Jabrill Peppers is not a suspect in (Carroll’s) homicide,” the outlet reported.

It’s unclear when the request was made but cops complied last week, the report said.

But cops also said there is an internal investigation taking place into how police handled the theft incident.

An NFL spokesman told The Post this was “a routine request to review the police report.”

“We would refer you to law enforcement for details about the matter. You may have seen that the Cleveland police department said Jabrill was not a suspect.”

The team said in a statement: “We are aware of the situation in Cleveland. The NFL has been aware of this situation for some time. Jabrill is not the subject of an investigation by the Cleveland Police Department.”

The Giants traded superstar Beckham to the Cleveland Browns this month in exchange for Peppers, a 2019 first-round draft pick (No. 17 overall) and a 2019 third-round pick (95th overall).

Though his teammates admired him, Beckham was reportedly a handful for ownership, front office and coaching staff to deal with, playing a large part in his trade.

Additional reporting by Paul Schwartz

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