Premier League unveil £125 Nike ball for 2020/21 season after eight years of research

THE Premier League have unveiled the new £124.95 Nike football that will be used next season.

Featuring "AerowSculpt" technology eight years in the making, the new design will make its debut when the 2020-21 campaign gets underway on September 12.

After exhaustive testing over 1,700 hours, Nike have created a ball that will produce more "consistent flight", thus reducing "unexpected movement".

"All Conditions Control" technology will see the ball perform in various circumstances, be that on the carpet of Old Trafford or on a winter mid-week in Burnley.

The combination of rubber, leather, cotton and polyester is decorated with a crimson and black design over a white base.

And Nike ambassador Harry Kane certainly seems pleased with it, saying: "When I was a boy growing up in east London, the ball was everything to me. I was always dreaming of playing in the Premier League.

“I remember watching the amazing matches and those dramatic comebacks as a kid. All of those moments have shaped my love of the game today.

"The passion and undying belief of the fans is what drives me, the players and the clubs, year in, year out.

"Because in this league, everything is built on the ultimate combination of pace, precision and explosiveness. And with the ball at our feet we believe we can always achieve more, for our club and the fans.

“A new ball is an opportunity for new hope. A chance to look forward to greater goals, greater games and more unforgettable moments.

“Keep playing, keep up the passion – and remember, it all starts with a ball.”

Not all parents of eager football-mad kids will be as pleased, however, given the eyewatering £124.95 price-tag.

Upon the release of a similarly pricey £120 Nike effort last month, some fans online showed their distaste.

One sarcastically wrote: "Bargain, lads."

While another added: "Not for me son. Not having it."

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