Ronnie O'Sullivan backs Marcus Rashford campaign and slams Tory government

Ronnie O’Sullivan has thrown his support behind Marcus Rashford’s campaign for an extension to free school meals, saying the Manchester United striker is embarrassing the government.

Rashford is continuing to put pressure on Conservative politicians to provide free school meals for low income families outside of term time,

The Labour motion to offer free school meals in holiday until Easter 2021 was defeated by 322 votes to 261 earlier this month.

The England forward has huge public support for his campaign and local businesses and charities have backed him by stepping in and providing free meals for children.

The snooker world champion is a big fan of Rashford’s work and has added his voice to calls for the Government to change their policy.

‘I think the campaign is fantastic. It is brilliant. I’ve been there and know what it is like to have to rely on free school dinners,’ O’Sullivan told Eurosport.

‘This is very important to families up and down the country. No kid or person should go hungry in this country I believe.

‘Unless people like Marcus Rashford stand up and speak for these families who are struggling then their voice doesn’t get heard.

‘I think he’s used his platform, especially for someone so young to come out and speak and be so passionate and proactive in his campaign.’

The Rocket reckons the Tories have misread the mood of the country on the issue and instead of battling Rashford’s campaign, should be looking to work with the footballer, who has emerged as an inspirational figure for many.

‘I think the government have really got this one badly wrong. If I was advising the government, the first thing I’d be telling them is to get Marcus Rashford in to talk to him and be wanting to work with him,’ continued the 44-year-old.

‘We want him representing us as a government and us as a country. We want the whole world to see what a brilliant job we are doing.

‘At the moment, they’ve got it wrong. The best thing they can do is admit defeat and admit we can all be teachable.

‘Someone like Marcus Rashford is running rings around them at the moment. If they want the embarrassment to stop then the smartest thing to do is bring him on side.

‘This is a time to support the vulnerable. A lot of people are going through hardship at the moment, and this is when you want your government and country to support you.’

O’Sullivan joined the Labour Party in 2017 in support of Jeremy Corbyn, but had backed the party previously, praising Ed Miliband as leader two years earlier.

The six-time world champion has been doing some charity work of his own in recent weeks, sporting pink nail varnish at the English Open in support of breast cancer charity Future Dreams.

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