Ronnie O’Sullivan once offered to play Judd Trump in ‘darts atmosphere’

Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump are currently facing off in the final of the World Snooker Championship.

It’s a dream finale for many fans, with six-time champion O’Sullivan facing off against 2019 winner Trump. After the first day of the action, The Rocket leads 12-5 in the first-to-18-frames showpiece. Aside from the odd interruption for a phone that hasn’t been switched the silent, the tournament at the legendary Crucible venue in Sheffield has been played in the usual gentle atmosphere that is associated with snooker.

But if O’Sullivan had his way, the match would be played in front of a raucous, beer-swilling crowd. The Rocket, who has attended the PDC World Championships, loves the atmosphere at the darts and has said in the past that he would like to see it come to snooker.

After a visit to the Alexandra Palace for the World Championships in 2015, he tweeted: “The new rock stars are the dart players.” He then asked followers: “By the way who would go and watch a snooker match played in a darts atmosphere?”

After receiving a mixed response, O’Sullivan added: “Ok we will do one and see how it goes, I will play (Judd) Trump first and see if it’s what the public wants. I’d love to play in that atmosphere, and anyone who can’t, go home.”

In an interview earlier that year, O’Sullivan said got a buzz from playing snooker in front of a lively audience.

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“The atmosphere at the club nights is something I thrive on. It is noisy, and there's a buzz in the air,” he said after appearing at an exhibition event in Portsmouth. I was saying to my mate the other day that I should have been a darts player. I just love the noise.

“In fact, when I'm playing they get so noisy that the crowd start telling the noisier lot to keep quiet. I quickly tell them to make more noise. I like it, it's a buzz.

“Too much silence brings a tenseness that I don't like. Is it too late for me to take darts up? I think so, but I truly believe it's great to play in that atmosphere.”

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