Salford boss Ian Watson reveals fury after loss to London Broncos last year

IAN Watson has told Salford's players he does not want to be left as angry as their last trip to London.

And the Red Devils boss believes he will not be if they treat the Broncos seriously.

Watson admits he was the angriest he has ever been after they lost 11-8 to the then Championship side in The Qualifiers last year, raising fears they may be relegated.

A repeat of the attitude may see them slip up again in today's Super League clash.

Watson admitted: “That’s the angriest I’ve been as coach, I was furious.

“I’d outlined it to the players and we knew what they’d bring – we didn’t want any lack of respect or complacency going into that game but we did exactly that.

“We showed a lack of respect and we’re not a team that can show that kind of level to the opposition.

“It was a feeling of, ‘They’re Championship and we’re Super League.’ Now we respect them for being a Super League team and we did a professional job at home.

“It’s about us making sure we’re professional in our approach – they’re a good team and they dig in, they do a great job and don’t quit.”

Salford have so far defied many people's predictions of a relegation fight by winning five games with fellow strugglers Leeds, Hull KR and Huddersfield to play plus a second trip to the capital.

There are undoubtedly other issues to contend with while the 4G surface at Ealing Trailfinders RU club may also prove a problem.

Watson added: “We’ve been there and lost, so we know what to expect from London. We need to be wary.

“The surface effects the bounce of the ball and it’s a faster track, people can get across the ground a lot quicker.

“This game is about us making sure we fix things up. Not least we get into great positions then we kill ourselves.”

While it is all about attitude for Salford, for London ace Kieran Dixon it is all about being back home.

The winger went to Hull KR but being away from home was just too much as he was too far from his daughter.

Dixon said: “Being up north was difficult at a relatively young age.

“I was too far away from my little girl but now see her all the time and have seen her every week since I moved back.

“She is my inspiration and when people say having a child changes your entire life they are completely right.”

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