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ISLAM MAKHACHEV edged an incredible fight with Alexander Volkanovski Down Under to become the UFC's pound-for-pound king.

But Nate Diaz and ESPN pundit Laurie Horesh have both expressed their unhappiness at the result, after the Russian won via a unanimous decision.

Aussie Volkanovski, fighting in front of a Perth crowd, was ultimately undone by Makhachev's wrestling skills.


Follow ALL the action with our live blog below…

  • Alex Smith

    Volkanovski robbed?

    Fans claim that Alexander Volkanovski was robbed of victory against Islam Makhachev.

    The Aussie narrowly lost via unanimous decision in favour of the Russian.

    The judges scorecards read "48-47, 48-47 and 49-46".

    But many supporters believe Volkanovski did enough to win the fight with his attacking style despite Makhachev pinning him to the canvas in spells.

    UFC legend Nate Diaz tweeted: “Yeah right Islam got his ass whooped.”

    ESPN’s Laurie Horesh said: “Who on earth scored that 49-46? Laughable.”

    And the tweets kept coming: "There’s absolutely no way that was a unanimous decision. That’s disgraceful."

    A fourth said: "Ain't no way!!! Volk was robbed!!!!!!"

  • Chisanga Malata

    Khabib praises Makhachev

    Khabib Nurmagomedov took to Instagram and Twitter to praise Islam Makhachev following his victory over Alexander Volkanovski.

    He wrote on Instagram: "Simply the best.

    "Proved it in a hard, competitive fight against the best active fighter on the planet.

    "There is always something to work on.

    "But this story will remain for a long time in this sport.

    "Just have a flashback on your memory of who topped the best regardless of weight category from Eurasia in the history of MMA, there were only a couple of fighters and Islam was already on that list."

  • Chisanga Malata

    Khabib Time

    Islam Makhachev received a FaceTime from his good friend and mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov moments after seeing off Alexander Volkanovski.

  • Chisanga Malata

    "I need some crazy fight"

    It looks like Islam Makhachev thoroughly enjoyed his barnburner with Alexander Volkanovski.

  • Chisanga Malata


    Here are the scorecards for the thrilling main event.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Volk speaks

    A crestfallen Volkanoski said: "I was expecting to win. I knew he was really good and I just knew I prepared properly.

    "But hey, it was a fun maybe. Maybe I could've capitalised on some positions a bit more. I left it a little bit later.

    "But hey, Congrats to Islam. Great fighter. Maybe we'll settle pound for pound No. 1 again."

  • Chisanga Malata

    Makhchev speaks

    "You like or you don't like, I am best fighter in the world right now!"

  • Chisanga Malata

    And still!!

    Islam Makhachev defeats Alexander Volkanovsi via unanimous decision.

    The judges scored the fight 48-47, 48-47, 49-46in the Russian's favour.

  • Chisanga Malata

    What a fight!

    They go the distance. An incredible fight by both men.

    The close second round could end up determining the winner. But I have Makahchev winning.

    Credit: Getty
  • Chisanga Malata

    Makhachev vs Volkanovski – Round 5

    Volk paws out at the champion with jabs as he continues to feint.

    But he eats a big straight left hand that snaps back his head.

    A big counter knee up the middle lands for the champion and briefly quietens the crowd.

    More knees in the clinch for Makhachev opens Volkanovski.

    A takedown attempt from Makhachev is stuffed by a bloody Volk and the arena goes bananas

    Makhachev ducks under a punch from Volk and shoots for a takedown.

    Volk does an incredible job of stuffing it and getting back to his feet.

    Volk pressures the champion against the fence and lands a good left hand.

    They break and a tired Makhachev checks he clock.

    Makhachev gets dropped by a huge right hand with a minute to go.

    Volk is going to work from full guard – dropping bombs on the champion.

    But the Makhachev survives until the final horn. What a fight!

  • Chisanga Malata

    Makhachev vs Volkanovski – Round 4

    Makhachev is happy to trade strikes once again.

    But he grounds the fight with a beautifully-timed takedown a minute-a-and-half into the round.

    Volk bizarrely speaks to Makhachev's corner as he tries to stop the Dagestani from taking his back.

    Makhachev does manage to take the back and secures the position with a body lock.

    Volk is having a real hard time shaking the champ off him but is trying to frustrate him with punches over his head.

    But Makhachev ends the round in the dominant position.

    Credit: Getty
  • Chisanga Malata

    Makhachev vs Volkanovski – Round 3

    The crow rallies behind their man at the start of the third, which sees Volk avoid a left head kick.

    Two nice body kicks land for the champion but Volkanovski is undeterred.

    An inside leg kick briefly unbalanced Makhachev but Volk is unable to capitalise.

    Makhachev shoots for a takedown midway through the round and manages to ground the challenger.

    But Volk manages to work his way back to his feet and forces a clinch of his own against the fence.

    They trade heavy leather on the break.

    A good counter left lands for Makhachev as Volk comes in. That's not the first time that counter has landed.

    Makhachev loses his balance after a leg kick but pops back up to his feet.

    Volk doesn't give him any breathing space but is unable to land anything significant.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Makhachev vs Volkanovski – Round 2

    Volk starts the second round as he did the first, looking to feint his way in but with less footwork.

    Makhachev misses with a telegraphed left hand that draws a big reaction from the crowd.

    Makhachev appears to get dropped as he retreats but transitions to a takedown.

    Volk manages to get back to his feet but has yet to shake off Makhachev.

    Makhachev tries to bring the fight back to the ground but Volk manages to pop right back up.

    Volk lands a nice knee on the break.

    And now it's Volk trying to force a takedown against the cage.

    They separate and are back to striking in the centre of the cage.

    A huge counter left hand stuns Volk after he recklessly entered striking and puts him in retreat mode.

    But he recovers quickly.

    Makhachev initiates a Thai clinch against the fence but gets reversed and ends.

    The round ends.

    Credit: Getty
  • Chisanga Malata

    Makhachev vs Volkanovski – Round 1

    They touch glove sand they're off.

    Makhachev looks huge in comparison to Volk, who is happy to operate on the outside and look to feint his way in.

    Chants of "Ole, ole, ole" ring throughout the RAC Arena in support of the challenger Volkanovski.

    Makhachev lands a good body kick on the advancing Volkanovski.

    Lots of stance switches from Volk to try and overload the mind of Makhachev.

    A good right hand lands from Volk and sends Makhachev backwards.

    The crowd pops but Volk doesn't get too reckless and bides his time.

    Volkanovski gets knocked down following a wild exchange but gets back up to his feet.

    But Makhachev presses him up against the fence and looks to take him down.

    And he gets it. Makhachev quickly moves to the back of Volk and has the body lock.

    He's looking to cinch in a rear-naked choke but it's not there. Now he's going for a neck crank, but Volk rides it out and smiles before the end of the round.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Moments away from the big one

    We're just minutes away from the eagerly-anticipated champion vs champion bout between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski.

    Does Volk have what it takes to snap Makhachev's 11-fight win streak and become a two-weight champion?

    Or will the Dagestani destroy reign supreme in his first title defence?

    We'll soon find out.

    PERTH, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 11: Islam Makhachev of Russia and Alex Volkanovski of Australia face off during the ceremonial weigh-ins ahead of UFC 284 at RAC Arena on February 11, 2023 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)Credit: Getty
  • Chisanga Malata

    Interim king crowned

    Yair Rodriguez is the interim featherweight champion thanks to a second-round triangle choke.

    El Pantera was truly in a flow state and was rarely in trouble.

    His unification fight with Alexander Volkanovski is going to be a banger.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Rodriguez vs Emmett – Round 2

    Emmett is cautious about recklessly closing the distance – but staying out in kicking range will do him no favours.

    Both men connect in a wild exchange but Rodriguez seemed to take the shots worse.

    Nasty, nasty body kicks land for Rodriguez and force Emmett to shoot against the cage.

    Great balance from Rodriguez to see off the takedown attempt before they break.

    Emmett is cut to the side of his left eye.

    A nasty elbow lands on that cut of Emmett, who eats more strikes in the clinch.

    A beautiful question mark kick lands on the side of Emmett's head and Rodriguez follows up with a good right hand.

    Armbar attempt from Rodriguez. He transitions to a triangle choke after landing some punches off his back.

    That's deep. Emmett taps.

    Credit: Getty
  • Chisanga Malata

    Rodriguez vs Emmett – Round 1

    A tentative star from both men as they look to get a read on one another.

    Emmett has yet to close the distance to negate the dangerous kicks of Rodriguez.

    Teep kick lands up the middle for Rodriguez.

    A nasty body kick hurts Josh Emmett and puts him on the back foot.

    You can see it in Emmett's eyes that he's struggling to get a read on the nasty kicks of El Pantera.

    Emmett clips Rodriguez with a good overhand right after eating a body kick but fails to land any follow-up shots.

    Rodriguez lands a head kick but gets cracked with a huge right hand.

    Emmett flings Rodriguez to he ground and they're scrambling.

    Emmett briefly takes the back of Rodriguez before transitioning to side control.

    Emmett looks to rain down blows from the top but eats some elbows for his troubles before the end of the round.

    A beautiful flying knee lands flush on the chin of Emmett but Rodriguez ends up being taken down.

    But he seems to be comfortable on his back and happy to throw elbows and punches from the bottom.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Co-main event time

    The interim featherweight title is on the line, ladies and gentlemen.

    Yair Rodriguez and Josh Emmett are about to throw down to for the honour of welcoming undisputed champion Alexander Volkanovski back to the 145lb division later this year.

    This will be a banger.

    Credit: GETTY
  • Chisanga Malata

    Jack Della Maddalena is for real

    Jack Della Maddalena submits Randy Brown with a first-round rear-naked choke to claim the biggest victory of his career.

    This kid is the real deal.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Della Maddalena vs Brown – Round 1

    The tall and rangy Brown takes the centre of the octagon and looks to pump out his piston jab.

    Della Maddalena is having difficulties closing the distance with his hands and is looking to chop Brown down with leg kicks.

    A good teep lands up the middle for Brown and snaps back the head of Della Maddalena.

    Della Maddalena closes the distance and rocks Brown with a big right hook.

    Down goes Brown and Della Maddalena is swarming on him with strikes.

    Della Maddalena takes the back and cinches in a rear-naked choke.

    That's it!

  • Chisanga Malata

    Fight of the Night Alert

    Jack Della Maddalena vs Randy Brown is up on us.

    I repeat, Jack Della Maddalena vs Randy Brown is up on us.

    Credit: Getty
  • Chisanga Malata

    He's a bad man!

    Justin Tafa has just knocked out Parker Porter with a beautiful counter left hand.

    Porter came in with a looping overhand right but was countered with a solid straight left on the chin that sent him to the canvas.

  • Chisanga Malata

    Tafa vs Porter – Round 1

    They touch gloves and they're off.

    Tafa adopts a southpaw stance as he takes the centre of the octagon.

    Porter is light on his feet and looking to feint his way in.

    A straight left hand from Tafa drops Porter and it's over!!

  • Chisanga Malata

    Big boys on deck

    Up next is a heavyweight showdown between Brisbane bruiser Justin Tafa and Parker Porter.

    Credit: GETTY

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