‘Valorant’ Agent list: Abilities, ultimates and more of each character

Here are your starting 10.

When “Valorant” hits computers this summer, there will be 10 characters (called “Agents”) from which to choose. But keep this in mind: The team over at Riot Games is working through beta now, trying to get the kinks worked out on a lot of these characters; so what’s listed here is certainly subject to change come the official release.

If some of these characters seem familiar, you’re not the only one who thinks it. While the gameplay takes cues from “Overwatch” and “Counterstrike,” some of these characters also likely draw inspiration from games like “Rainbow Six Siege” in the way their abilities are used.

So, if you’re a veteran of some of these first-person shooter games, then chances are some of these characters might seem and play familiar to you — very familiar.

Here’s what you need to know about all the known characters so far in this game:

‘Valorant’ classes

As with a lot of different FPS games, there are four different classes in “Valorant:” Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel and Controllers.

‘Valorant’ character abilities

Each character in “Valorant” has four abilities: one main ability that comes with the Agent, the ultimate maneuver which is charged up over time and two more abilities that you can purchase during the pre-round buy period.

A decent amount of these abilities are meant to slow and obscure the enemy team from advancing. A lot of them are also area of effect (AOE) attacks, which damage or affect opponents within a selected radius.

As with “Overwatch,” an Agent’s ultimate ability will be charged over time and can be accelerated upon subduing opponents. You can also pick up orbs throughout the map which will aid the charging of the ultimate.

With just 10 Agents known before the game’s official release (and more potentially in the pipeline), here’s what you need to know about each Agent and their special abilities.

‘Valorant’ Agent list











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