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REY MYSTERIO is widely-regarded as the best 'little man' the WWE's ever had.

The 47-year-old has been part of the wrestling promotion for 20 years, after joining all the way back in 2002.

In 2019, WWE were forced to issue an update on the iconic wrestler's health after he lost an eye during the sickening Eye for an Eye match at Extreme Rules.

The masked icon lost the gruesome clash at The Horror Show, in which the victor was determined by "extracting the eye" of your opponent.

Seth Rollins emerged triumphant over the Master of the 619 but was left puking at ringside as Mysterio's 'eyeball' popped out.

And WWE claimed afterwards that the Mexican highflyer was rushed to hospital and was being treated for a potential globe luxation.

Vince McMahon's company later issued another update to state that Mysterio’s vision was improving slowly each day.

A statement read: "His optic nerve is intact, completely secured and back in its socket. A timeline for Mysterio’s return to the ring is unknown at this time."



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Mysterio later tweeted: "Appreciate you all so much for your concerns, taking it one day at a time!"

In his pre-WWE days, Mysterio was always known as a tiny, skinny high-flyer, flipping and spinning his way around the ring.

The ex-WWE Heavyweight Champion could be thrown around by a lot bigger men, but always held his own.

That put him in the legendary status of wrestling, as he changed the landscape of what a man at just 5ft 4in could do.

He has gone on to win pretty much every title there is, including the tag-team, Intercontinental and the United States strap.

Mysterio even stunned the WWE universe in 2006, when against the odds, he triumphed in the Royal Rumble.

But it was his comeback to Vince McMahon's promotion in 2018 that shocked fans the most.

He had been away for three-years, thrilling spectators on the independent circuit again in his native Mexico and around the world.

The 619 specialist turned his hand at Lucha Underground, along with a small stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The biggest change came in his physique though, with toned abs, a ripped body and bulking arms.

What's more impressive is he has never lost his ability to fly around the ring at speed, with unparalleled agility.

Mysterio has suffered numerous injuries during his lengthy career, including surgeries on his back and knees.

More recently, the fan-favourite has been teaming up with his son Dominik, with both being drafted to RAW.

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