WWE legend Triple H's incredible body transformation through years from Blueblood gimmick to best shape of life aged 51

FOR OVER 25 years we have seen Triple H rule both in and out of the ring in WWE.

The legend has gone from the blue-blooded Greenwich snob gimmick back in the mid-90s all the way to Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for father-in-law Vince McMahon’s company.

The King of Kings has performed in some of the greatest matches ever, from his Hell In A Cell against Undertaker at WrestleMania to numerous battles with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

His character has undergone dramatic changes, with the spoilt rich kid persona soon replaced by the wacky and wild leader of D-Generation X.

Then came the birth of The Game, and that evolved into the man we see today who is helping build the next generation of talents as boss of NXT.

However, it is not only Triple H’s gimmick that has altered over the years – his physique has also undergone a dramatic transformation.

There was no doubt the icon was already in great shape but it was after a lengthy spell out injured with a torn quad that he really started to get shredded.

During his rehab, HHH used the time to not only rebuild his leg, but he looked completely monstrous on his comeback in January 2002 and won the Royal Rumble weeks later.

His huge arms could not even fit in a denim jacket, forcing the hulking Game to rip off the sleeves.

And in a fierce warning to the rest of the dressing-room, he roared: “Just in case you've forgotten, let me tell you who the hell I am. I AM THE GAME!”


It was undoubtedly the best shape of his career to date, but after years of wear and tear on his body, Triple H sought help from elsewhere as he entered his 40s.

The former world champion contacted strength coach Joe DeFranco who provided him with a new workout regime.

From around 2010 onwards, Triple H added 125lbs to his bench press, 220lbs to his box squat and 22 inches to his box jump.

And the results were amazing as the veteran looked in amazing condition when he tasted Rumble success again in 2016 and went on to headline WrestleMania against Roman Reigns.

Fans have been that impressed by Triple H’s amazing condition, he eventually gave in and released his own work-out DVD.

It starts with a warm-up consisting of lunges, cossack squats, supermans, and jumping jack variations.

Then comes the upper body workout, which involves renegade rows into mountain climbers, followed by kettlebell burpees.

The Game then proceeds to the third part of the workout, which involves floor presses, dumbbell rows, seated lateral raises, sprinter sit ups, and Zottman curls.

Despite now being more accustomed to seeing him in a suit, WWE fans still get rare glimpses of his stunning physique despite him now being 51.

Two years ago he was battling at Mania again in a brutal street fight against now Hollywood star Dave Bautista.

And he refused again to let anything overshadow him body wise as the chief looked in superb condition.


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