10 Netflix shows to watch after the Line Of Duty finale

Ok, Ok – we know this one is a pretty easy pick considering it was written by the Line Of Duty team, but Jed Mercurio is just that damn good at creating intense thrillers we couldn’t exactly ignore the obvious.

The show, which centres on a former soldier getting a job working at the Prime Minister’s bodyguard while suffering from PTSD and under attack from a terrorist organisation, is actually a hold your breath and pray for it to conclude soon thrill ride.

The series finale when it aired last year made it the most watched drama on TV throughout ALL of 2018, which isn’t too shabby at all.

But if you somehow haven’t watched this yet, then we beg you, please take this opportunity to do so.


Idris Elba rules the roost as the twisted copper John Luther in this BBC series.

Now five seasons in, the story follows the Serious Crimes Unit boss as he finds himself getting too tangled up in his cases.

But when he starts falling in love with a crime boss, and his personal health begins to deteriorate, he has to question whether or not it’s time to walk away from the job.

Doctor Foster

A little less crime drama, a little more intense mystery thriller in this gripping drama of a woman at the end of her tether.

Doctor Foster (Suranne Jones) is convinced that her husband is cheating on her – but the question is to who, and how to prove it.

What ends is the extreme lengths some people go to in order to hide things from the people they love.

…and the pay off at the end of series one is the kind of amazing sass you can only dream of.

The Sinner

A thinly connected anthology series, The Sinner follows court trials and investigations over a series of murders.

Season one starred Jessica Biel who for seemingly no reason attacked a man in the middle of a public beach.

The second features the murder investigation against a young boy who is believed to have killed his parents.

Chilling and fascinating, we see both cases through the eyes of Detective Harry Ambrose, who wants to get to the bottom of them both and land on the right conclusions.

Both stories, as expected, takes him in unexpected directions that leaves him questioning the decades he’s worked in the justice system.


Michael C Hall puts on his best English accent in this suburban tale of an overprotective father whose worst thoughts come true when his daughter goes missing from their gated community.

Determined to find her, he recruits the help of a local cop friend (Amanda Abingdon) who is having some troubles and secrets of her own.

Obviously, things they weren’t expecting soon rise to the surface and you begin to question exactly who you can trust – and who’s just really good at lying.

All rounded up in a limited series – it’s 10 hours of intense action and thriller.


Based on a true story, Mindhunter follows FBI agents on a mission to find out more about what makes serial killers, serial killers.

Creating serial killer profiling (as well as the term ‘serial killer’) agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench run into some seriously spine-tingling and heartless men as they try to figure out what makes them tick.

Season two is due for release soon, and if rumours are anything to go by, this time they could run into Charles Manson and the Atlanta Child Killer cases.

In series one, they’re introduced to Ed Kemper- the co-ed killer who murdered 10 people, including his parents and grandparents – who becomes integral in helping the pair create the bones of what would become killer profiling.

Dirty John: The Dirty Truth

Who needs fiction when you have a story as twisted and gripping as this one that’s straight from a real life story?

The Dirty Truth reveals the horrid real-life crimes of John Meehan, a drug addict and professional scam artist that would hustle his way by all means necessary into a life that he hadn’t earned.

However, after evading police capture, marrying a rich business woman and then getting caught out in his lies, things soon turn deadly.

Speaking with the actual victims of Meehan, the documentary is a fascinating look into the sick world that would later be turned into a series starring Eric Bana.

Designated Survivor

We love a political thriller, whether it be the politics of AC-12 or something far bigger to handle.

So why not go for the big guns and put an under-qualified man in charge of the White House?

Following an attack on US soil, a paper pusher in the Government suddenly finds himself President after everyone in line in front of him is killed off.

What follows is him grappling with his new position, those trying to overthrow him, and the situations he’s forced to confront as a result.

Even better is that season three is about to drop on 7 June, so you have just enough time to get through the first two installments to be up to date.


Jason Bateman stars in this thriller as financial planner Marty Byrd, who uproots his family and moves them to the Missouri Ozarks after landing in trouble with drug lords.

Forced into adjusting to their new life away from their Chicago home, things go from bad to worse as their past catches up with him.

They’re not afraid to pull the trigger and lose some major characters either.

In fact it’s so good, we reckon it’s the best crime drama since Breaking Bad – and you know we wouldn’t say that lightly.

There’s currently two seasons, with a third currently on hold by request of Jason Bateman, who wants to spend some time with his family.


The 2016 series is an open and shut murder case – but weaves a very tangled web as it heads towards their conclusion.

Following the murder of a GP smack bang in the middle of a playground, the detectives are stumped that no one who was around at the time appears to have seen what was happening.

In all crime dramas, things are never as simple as a just “he did it” kinda deal, and soon there’s a mysterious detective sending them notes and cross-country battles so they can figure out the truth behind the death.

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