16 Lion-Sized Differences Between The New "Lion King" And The Old One

Spoiler alert: This post obviously talks about what happens in The Lion King (2019), so continue reading at your own risk!

1.OK, so first of all: Shenzi, the lead hyena, is way more devious in the 2019 version.

4.The new version of Scar’s “Be Prepared” moment is a little different: It’s more of a speech than a musical number.


9.In the 2019 movie, Timon doesn’t try to prevent Pumbaa from talking about bodily functions…

16.Finally, the movie does answer an important question about how Rafiki finds out that Simba is still alive: Apparently, it’s all in the lion poop.

While in the animated version, this discovery unfolds rather magically, in the new version, it’s because a tuft of Simba hair travels a long distance (including getting eaten and pooped out by a giraffe) before making it over to Rafiki.

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This post was translated from Spanish.

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