18 "Harry Potter" Behind-The-Scenes Photos That'll Change The Way You See The Movies

1.Here’s Luna Lovegood petting a Thestral:

2.And here’s another look at the mechanics behind a Thestral:

3.Take a look at Professor Slughorn talking to a very lucky Harry:

4.And David Yates directing Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Gambon in the cave scene:

5.Here’s Harry ~floating~:

6.And here he is flying through London:

7.Here’s Grawp holding Hermione:

8.And here he is reaching for a bug:

9.Oh, and here’s what it looks like when they’re trying to film Grawp’s height:

10.Here’s a look at Snape’s memory of him being bullied by James and company:

11.Here’s the good ol’ Hogwarts gang fighting in the Ministry of Magic:

12.And here’s a look at another part of the Ministry of Magic set:

13.Here’s all the ~magic~ that goes into making Hagrid, Hagrid:

14.And here’s Hagrid and Grawp just chillin’ in the forest:

15.Take a look at a very eerie Dementor:

16.And a look at Kreacher’s model:

17.Here’s very delightful and snowy Hogsmeade:

18.And finally, here’s everyone cheering for the last event in the Triwizard Tournament:

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