2018 in Review: TV's Sexiest Scenes

Happy holidays! Your gift? Steamy recollections of the year’s hottest TV scenes. (Some of these presents are already unwrapped, but we don’t think you’ll mind.)

Yes, combing through the past 12 months of lusty romps and heartfelt smooches is hard work, but we at TVLine are happy to toil away in the name of art, love and appreciation of the human form. So we’ve gathered photos of 17 of the small screen’s best come-hither moments from your favorite shows.

A word to the wise: Some of the screen grabs in this curated collection, while not gratuitous, probably aren’t the kind of thing you’ll want to open while your boss or child is standing within view of your screen. But they are the kind of thing you’ll want to open if you’re a fan of RiverdalePower12 MonkeysTitans or a slew of other sexy series.

Among this year’s sultry selection, we’ve got a bar room hook-up, a couple of superhero seductions, a ferris-wheel ride (in a few senses of that word) and not one or two but three shower-related sexcapades.

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