’90 Day Fiance’ Star Steven Complains About His Baby Getting Too Much Attention

TLC’s hit reality series, 90 Day Fiance, is back and in full swing. The show attempts to shed light on the K-1 visa process by documenting the lives of six Americans and their relationships with international partners. Typically, the couples meet online, or while one person is vacationing in the other’s country, and the two make the decision to pursue a long distance relationship.

After some time together, the American partner will then apply for the K-1 visa in an attempt to bring their international loves stateside. Upon arriving in the United States, the couple will then only have 90 days to make their union official by getting married.

The show manages the entire K-1 process, along with all the drama that comes with new relationships. In an exclusive clip posted by E! News, it seems this season’s youngest couple is having a hard time after the birth of their unplanned child.

Steven met Russian beauty Olga on a beach in Maryland. The two 20-year-olds spent six weeks together and soon Olga realized she was pregnant. In the last episode of the show, Olga had just given birth via C-section and was back at home resting, but it seems Steven might be a little jealous of all the attention the new mom is giving to their baby.

“It’s like, really, like, you’re not even excited I’m here anymore,” he said in the exclusive clip. “You’re happy that I get the things you need for the baby and everything like that, but are you really actually happy that I’m here? I’m literally going out and breaking my a** to get your visa done before I leave. You should be appreciating every single thing that I’m doing for you.”

“How do you suppose, like, after operation, I have to be like, super happy person [sic]?” Olga responded.

He then said he wasn’t expecting her to “super happy,” but he no longer felt appreciated.

“Our son cannot be the main thing, we have to keep focusing on us as well. We have to put equal times, the kid can’t be before me, I can’t put the kid before you, we both have to come equally,” he continued.

Steven also implied his young bride-to-be might be a bit ungrateful as he questioned if she has ever thanked him for the things he has done for her and their child so far.

Watch out for 90 Day Fiance Season 6, which airs on Sundays on TLC.

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