'90 Day: The Single Life' Fans Think Stephanie Matto is Only Trying to Build Up an Audience for Her OnlyFans Account

When fans first met Stephanie Matton on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, she was in a relationship with Erika Owens. The two ultimately didn’t work out. A large part of that reason was Stephanie’s inability to be intimate with Erika. However, a significant portion of Stephanie’s persona via her YouTube is very sexual. Now, fans wonder if Stephanie’s most recent appearance in 90 Day: The Single Life is just a way for her to gain subscribers to her OnlyFans account.

Stephanie Matto is very open about her sexual experiences on ‘90 Day: The Single Life’

In 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2, Stephanie is very open about her sexual preferences and often gives plenty of details about her sex life. In one clip, Stephanie discusses the fact that she masturbates to baking videos. She admits she knows this is one of the more unusual fetishes. 

“Baking shows are my porn. Desserts are very sexy because they’re indulgent and they’re creamy. I think it’s definitely one of the weirder things about me that I get off to cooking and baking videos, but there are way weirder fetishes out there in my opinion. But, hey, some people like c–k; I like cake,” the 30-year old confesses to cameras.

In the season 2 premiere episode, Stephanie meets with a sexual wellness guide. The New Yorker is currently on a journey to lose her celibacy and has enlisted the help of a professional. It didn’t take long before fans figured out that the guide was actually adult film star Ashley Fires.

Fans think Stephanie is only saying such outrageous things to gain subscribers to her OnlyFans account

Stephanie, along with other 90 Day Fiancé stars, has an OnlyFans account. For those not familiar, OnlyFans is a platform that lets users create their own content. Subscribers pay a monthly fee to access it. While the content doesn’t have to be sexually explicit, more often than not, it is. Stephanie uses OnlyFans and another platform she founded to showcase sexually explicit content, but viewers think her outrageous behavior on 90 Day: The Single Life is only to gain subscribers.

One Redditor wrote, “Her appearance on the show is an ad for her only fans if you haven’t realized it yet.”

Another viewer of the show added, “Everything is so cringe because it’s fake. ‘I get off to baking videos.’ ‘I had to take a picture of my own a–hole.’ ‘I took a bath with my hair dresser.’ It’s all made-up bulls–t to generate buzz and make money.”

In an entirely separate post, another user wrote, “90 Day Fiancé is strictly a platform to advertise the existence of her OF account. I bet the video she showed was to get people to subscribe and nothing else.”

Stephanie is currently a cast member in ‘90 Day: The Single Life’ Season 2

90 Day: The Single Life is a newer 90 Day franchise spinoff and airs exclusively on discovery+. This season includes Stephanie, Debbie Johnson, Ed Brown, Jeniffer Tarazona, and more former 90 Day Fiancé stars. However, fans aren’t sure whether or not they enjoy the new series. Some are boycotting it due to some cast members, while others say it’s too raunchy to enjoy. Whether or not the series will get a third season remains to be seen. 

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