A look at the real 657 Boulevard from The Watcher

The Watcher: Naomi Watts stars in tense Netflix trailer

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The Watcher has become a Netflix hit as fans were keen to find out the identity of the eponymous stalker, who is yet to be exposed. The series is based on true events and it tells the story of the Broaddus family, who bought 657 Boulevard back in 2014. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about the real home that inspired the house in the series.

The Watcher stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale as Nora and Dean Brannock, a couple based on Maria and Derek Broaddus, who moved into their dream home with their children.

Maria had grown up in the Westfield area and wanted to raise her family just a stone’s throw from where she used to live.

It was no easy feat but the family was able to buy their dream house at 657 Boulevard and were excited to make some renovations to the property.

However, before they were actually able to move in, they were driven out of the area by a stalker known as The Watcher.

The stalker had sent them numerous letters with disturbing contents about the history of the house, and specific details about the Broaddus children.

The real 657 Boulevard is a lot smaller in real life than the home from the series, which is actually located in New York.

The Dutch colonial home in Westfield, New Jersey has a green frontage instead of blue, and it features six bedrooms.

According to FictionHorizon, the house also boasts seven bathrooms, a home theatre, an indoor basketball court, a gym and a chef’s kitchen.

The property comes with 1.25 acres of land and is equally as impressive as the home in the series.

The house used for filming was built in 2016, whereas the real 657 Boulevard was built in 1905.

After renting the house out for some time after receiving the letters, the couple managed to sell their home in 2019 for almost $400,000 less than what they had paid.

The real-life couple recently spoke out about their experience and how they are still haunted by the events.

Real estate agent David Barbosa said the new couple who bought the home in 2019 had no reservations when it came to moving in.

It is also believed no more letters have been received since the house changed hands.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he said: “They [the new couple] had no concerns at all, they were really cool.”

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A video tour by David Realty Group has been shared on YouTube and viewers can see the inside of the grand home.

The tour starts in the hallway, before showing a lounge and two separate dining areas – one of which has a small kitchen attached.

There is a second larger living area and a conservatory before viewers take a look at the bedrooms.

The house includes his and hers bathroom facilities, with plenty of storage space.

Trying to sell the home initially came as a challenge as people all over the US started to hear about its history.

He added: “There was such a stigma on the house. That was our biggest hurdle: Trying to get over that stigma.

The house drew lots of attention, with members of the public turning up to take photos and walk up to the front door.

The realtor said there was a deal that if a prospective buyer was interested in the home and wanted to put an offer in, they would need to have a look into the history.

He added: “You had to go down to the attorney’s office and look at [all of the evidence], so you knew what really happened before we went into a hard contract.”

The Watcher is on Netflix now.

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