A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman in brutal dig at guest appearance ‘Inside important’

A Place in The Sun: Jasmine compares property to guest

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Marion and Tracey, who have been married for 25 years, were after their perfect holiday home in the coastal town of Corralejo on Fuerteventura. A Place in the Sun property expert Jasmine Harman was on-hand to help them in their search, keeping in mind that they ideally wanted a place near the coast with sea views and three bedrooms so they can also enjoy getaways with their two grown-up daughters. With an initial budget of £120,000, Jasmine hoped she could bring the couple’s vision to life. However, at one point she made a brutal dig at Tracey about his appearance, implying Marion stayed with him for his personality.

Jasmine was off to a promising start as property one, a one-bed apartment in Corralejo Central, was an instant contender for the pair.

The second, a three-bed townhouse in Corralejo Old Town, was also met with positive feedback from the couple.

The host was excited for the next – a three-bed apartment in Corralejo Harbourleft Mation.

However, Marion was initially reluctant to take a look inside.

While standing outside the house, she commented: “I’m not sure about this property.

“It is a great location, however, the business of the road concerns me a wee bit.”

“How about the view?” Jasmine asked. Tracey pointed out the array of shops and fruit markets that would come in handy to live close to.

He was also debating the look of the home though and told Jasmine: “You could surprise me.”

“I think it might surprise you,” Jasmine assured them.

The couple agreed to have a look inside and as promised, they changed their minds on the house.

“It’s a nice surprise,” Marion remarked, while Tracey admired the view from the large terrace.

When Jasmine asked if they were warming up to the property, the two agreed they were.

“That lovely smile’s come back,” Jasmine pointed out to Marion later.

“Yes, I love the bit up the stairs and I love the views – it’s nice and open, which I like.”

Earlier in the show, Jasmine had probed the two on their relationship and asked what initially attracted them to each other.

Marion had laughed when she explained it had been the now-bald Tracey’s blonde hair, and Tracey joked it was Marion’s long brown hair that caught his eye, although she now sports a short blonde style.

Describing the inside of the house, Jasmine stated: “Well it’s like anything, isn’t it? When you met him and he had his lovely blonde hair and you thought, ‘Oh, he’s gorgeous.’

“If he hadn’t been a nice person inside, you wouldn’t have stuck with him, would you?”

“That’s right, yeah,” Marion confirmed. Jasmine explained: “So… outside is important but what’s inside is more important!”

“It’s what’s inside, exactly,” agreed Tracey, taking the property comparison in good stride.

Later, the couple found it hard to agree on their favourite potential holiday home.

When it came to talking their decision through with Jasmine, they revealed they had decided to wait for now and further explore the area at another time.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 3pm on Channel 4.

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