Aaron changes Liv's life with a huge gift in Emmerdale

Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) has come home to Emmerdale, and he’s come bearing gifts.

In the current economic climate, most of us can only dream of owning a property, but that became possible for Liv (Isobel Steele) and husband Vinny (Bradley Johnson), as tonight’s episode of Emmerdale saw Aaron sign over both the Mill and his share of the scrapyard to his little sister.

The pair were shocked by Aaron’s generosity, claiming that it was much too extravagant a gift, and that most people just buy tea towels as wedding presents.

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) was also surprised, joking that it made her £50 gift seem cheap.

Aaron justified his decision by saying that he felt he had let Liv down enough and wanted to give her and Vinny the opportunity to start fresh.

Chas also expressed her confusion, as she believed Aaron to be sticking around in the village for a while. He explained that Liv had asked him to stay with her and he had accepted the offer.

Throughout the episode, Aaron also made reference to his new boyfriend, Marco, who he claimed to have met through work.

Could this new relationship have something to do with Aaron’s decision to sign everything over to Liv?

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