Alex Jones snaps at Ronan Keating as he talks over The One Show moment

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Alex Jones shut down Ronan Keating after he'd began to speak as Olivia Rodrigo's song Driver Licence played on The One Show.

The 44-year-old turned to her co-star Ronan, telling him: "I was enjoying that and then you started talking over the top of it.

Not quite sure how to respond, Ronan laughed along nervously as the another video clip began to run.

As the studio came back into view, he couldn't resist hitting back, asking: "Is it ok if I talk now?"

The Welsh TV certainly seemed to get the joke, bursting into fits of laughter before adding "yes".

Today's guest on the show included Brit Awards performer Olivia Rodrigo, who attended via video link.

Discussing her performance, the actress turned singer said: "Super cool to get to meet people and was my first time in the UK can’t wait to come back."

Other guests included Texas front-woman Sharleen Eugene Spiteri.

Sharleen was on the show to promote her up and coming album.

However, even she couldn't resist taking a swipe at the former Boyzone band member.

Ronan attempted to compliment Sharleen when she explained it had been 20 years since they released their Greatest Hit's but his pleasantries backfired.

The lead singer chirped back at Ronan: "Shut up," before turning to his co-host Alex, "he's still a charmer isn't he?"

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