All Creatures Great and Small star Anna Madeley shares hopes for Mrs Hall in season 3

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Fans of Channel 5’s hit drama All Creatures Great and Small are eagerly awaiting the show’s return to screens to watch the highly anticipated wedding between James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) and Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton). Ahead of its season three premiere, Anna Madeley opened up about her character Mrs Hall and shared her hopes for the housekeeper.

Fans were introduced to Mrs Hall in season one as the nurturing housekeeper for the Skeldale House.

She worked for Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) a veterinary surgeon who owned the house and turned it into a veterinary clinic.

Mrs Hall became a fan-favourite for being caring and willing to help those who were in trouble, as well as offering courage and wisdom.

Ahead of the season three release, the Mrs Hall star answered a number of fan questions and shared her hopes for her character.

Madeley revealed: “I’m hoping we might see some dressmaking at some point.

“The sewing machine is there, and I was aware of thinking, ‘Well, I ought to know how to do some of these things so that we can just throw that in’”

“It might be nice in this scene if she’s doing this or doing that, so you’ve got it in your pocket to use if a scene lends itself to it.”

Though not much is known about Mrs Hall’s past, viewers got to see a new side to her when she got involved with Gerald Hammond (Will Thorp).

Though Mrs Hall was happy in her own company, she began to open up when Mr Hammond entered Skeldale House for his dog who needed treatment.

She found herself blushing and stumbling over her words after he fixed her grandfather clock, which caused the two to become closer.

Throughout the season, Mr Hammond would always invite Mrs Hall to join him on his frequent dog walk, however she would always decline.

She finally changed her mind in the final episode and ventured off with him.

A fan also asked the actress about Mrs Hall’s budding romance with Mr Hammond, to which she answered: ”With Gerald, he’s the first person that comes along that you really see in another way, helping Mrs Hall out.

“He’s someone who wants to engage and be helpful to her.

“It’s interesting, that relationship with Gerald, where they share an era together—they’ve grown up in the same world, and they can share a wartime memory together and just have some gentle fun together as well.

“I think those things are all very intriguing about how this progresses.”

Despite this, Madeley acknowledged a major issue Mrs Hall could face diving into a new relationship.

She warned: “But of course, we can’t forget that Mrs Hall is technically still married, so that complicates her world enormously.”.

Though it was revealed the housekeeper was a widow, it was clear through her caution with Mr Hammond that she had been hurt in the past.

Hopefully for fans, season three will continue to explore her past as well as her new romance when the show eventually returns.

All Creatures Great and Small is available on PBS in the US and available on Channel 5 in the UK.

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