All we know about the boy from 1899 and his true identity

1899: Trailer for period thriller series from Netflix

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1899 is on Netflix now and the mystery thriller series follows passengers on board a ship from London to New York. They are keen to find out more about a missing ship, the Prometheus, and are shocked when they come across an abandoned wreckage. There is a boy on board and his identity is eventually revealed.


Who is the boy from 1899 on Netflix?

The second episode of the series is called The Boy and it sees Maura Franklin (played by Emily Beecham) and some of the crew go on board the abandoned ship.

Hoping to find traces of life, the only person they come across is a boy who had been trapped inside a cabinet.

He never spoke but handed Maura a black pyramid, and Maura felt an attachment to him.

She took him back to the boat with the rest of the passengers and looked after him, trying to convince him to explain what he knew about the Prometheus.

When she noticed a triangle mark on the boy’s neck, he grew defensive and said she needed to speak to “the creator” if she wanted answers.

Towards the end of the series, it is revealed the boy is connected to Maura and the mystery man, Daniel (Aneurin Barnard).

Daniel revealed himself to be Maura’s husband of 12 years, and the boy, Elliot (Fflyn Edwards), was their son.

Maura thought Daniel was lying at first as she had been told by doctors she could never have children.

However, Daniel assured her it was a falsified memory, and Elliot was indeed their child.

When Maura entered Daniel’s memory, she found photographs of herself with Daniel and Elliot.

This seemed to confirm Daniel was right, and Maura was left even more confused.

In the final episode, a flashback saw Elliot showing his mother a beetle he had found, the same as the creatures that had been able to open doors on the ship.

It transpired Elliot was dying, and Maura had injected him with a substance to keep him alive.

Her father revealed to the boy it was his mother and father who had created the illusion, to keep him alive forever.

Elliot was heartbroken that his mother had seemingly been lying to him.


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At the end of the series, Daniel managed to change the code so that Maura’s wedding ring became the key to wake up from the illusion.

Elliot was not there during the final moments of the series, so it is not known what happened to him.

When Maura finally woke up, she realised she was on board a spaceship with the other passengers.

The vessel was called Prometheus, with Project Prometheus being the name of the experiment.

Maura discovered the year was 2099, making it questionable whether her son even existed in reality.

Elliot is played by Fflyn Edwards, a Welsh actor whose most recent role was in Save the Cinema.

His other credits include Her Majesty and the TV series The Snow Spider.

The youngster is on Instagram and he has been teasing his latest role with his followers.

Sharing a photo of himself as Elliot, he said: “Nothing stays hidden.”

1899 is on Netflix now.

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