Are Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty friends? | The Sun

Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt are a regular fixture on our morning screens for BBC Breakfast.

But are the two friends in real life? find out here.

Are Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty friends?

Both Charlie and Naga are known for their strong, no-nonsense, outspoken personalities.

The two seem to be on good terms, but there have been some awkward moments along the way.

In November, 2021, reports of a falling out arose after Charlie began reading through a list of interesting pies, but didn't give any time to discuss them, which seemed to annoy Naga.

"You can’t just sit here and read a list and not discuss the list," she said.

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Reports of friction between the two were addressed at the time by the BBC, who said there was "no credibility" in the rumours.

When did Charlie and Naga start working together on BBC Breakfast?

Naga has been working for the BBC since 2008.

similarly, since 2008, Charlie has been the weekend presenter for BBC Breakfast, the early morning news programme broadcast on BBC One and BBC News.

He moved with the programme to Salford and presents the programme Thursday-Saturday with Naga.

An exact date for when they started working together is unknown.

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Is Charlie Stayt married?

Charlie is happily married to Anne Breckell.

Not much is known about his wife or their life together.

She is British and thought to have been born in the 1960s.

The couple married in 1995 but it is not known how or when they met.

The Breakfast star and his wife keep away from the spotlight but Anne is reportedly a manager at a global corporation.

Is Naga Munchetty married?

Naga is married to James Haggar, a television director and broadcast consultant.

He then spent two years at ITV Studios before going freelance in 2014 as a multi-camera director and broadcast consultant.

James also works on Sky News panel show The Pledge.

Just like his wife, James is a keen golfer and snooker player.

The BBC Breakfast presenter previously boasted that her husband James is a "feminist".

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She wrote in Glamour magazine: "My husband proudly declares himself a feminist, as do many of our friends, male and female – I think it's very hard not to."

Naga and James do not share any children.

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