Azealia Banks splits from fiance because he was 'too insecure' for her 'wildly creative she-wolf' days after engagement

AZEALIA Banks announced her split from her new fiancée just days after the proposal, as she claimed he was too "insecure" for her "wild" ways.

The rapper shared the news of her engagement just over a week ago when her now ex-fiancée gave her a Jewish "family heirloom" ring to seal the deal.

Azealia, 29, took to Instagram today to call off her relationship, as she slammed the artist, Ryder Ripps, 34, as "insecure."

The New York native posted a message to her fans on her stories, explaining her reasoning.

"Lol, I just dumped @ryder_ripps," she began, adding: "He's too insecure for the wildly creative she-wolf in me."

"I'm keeping the menorah ring tho," the singer ensured.

"The heirloom is mine. The Jewcy diva lives on," she savagely wrote.

Shortly after, Azealia shared a meme seemingly directed at Ryder, reading: "You can never build a kingdom with someone who still craves attention from the village."

The Fantasea artist flaunted her engagement on February 22nd after her artist beau popped the question.

She shared an up-close photo of her left hand while wearing the gold Jewish menorah ring, captioned: "I said yes!!! @ryder_ripps and I are engaged!!!!!!"

“I just got engaged k**ts. I’m crying 😭…. I’m Jewish now. 

“MAZEL TOV B***HES! WE IN HERE…. YERRRRRRR," she gushed wildly.

In a series of photos on her Instagram story from the exciting day, she showed Ryder kneeling as he held her jeweled hand, and another where he bowed his head and kissed her fingers.

After several followers commented defensively over the rapper claiming she's Jewish after donning the traditional ring, she explained he gave it to her because it's a “family heirloom.”

The controversial star added: “B***h I’m making shashuka, challah cornbread, black Israelite salad and matzoh fried chicken tomorrow. You can’t stop me. I’m a jewcy diva now.”

Last month Azealia horrified her fans when she dug up her dead cat from its grave and cooked the bones to "bring it back to life."

After pulling the deceased animal out of the dirty ground, she laughed and exclaimed: "The cat is in the bag!"

The post was captioned:  "Lucifer 2009 – 2020. My Dear kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve," though it was deleted shortly after.

Fans were absolutely floored by the behavior, as they retreated to Twitter to share their worry.

"I genuinely hope the girl gets help one day but…God damn," one wrote, while a second suggested psychological issues: "My stomach is in my mouth right now. She should really speak to a psychologist."

"This is one of the first tweets I saw this morning, and I think I'm already good to log off," a third offered.

Azealia has had a rich history of shocking behaviors, beginning in 2013 when she was accused of being homophobic towards celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

"Here we go again. Everyone pretending to be so shocked and moved by the word f***ot.

"It's like society is so bored with itself it needs to hold on to these outdated rules of what you can say and cannot say.

"Why has society accepted n***er as a colloquialism … But will not accept f***ot'? Everyones always acting like its f**king 1905 in this b**ch," she ranted.

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