BBC Breakfast host ‘really confused and worried’ as co-star almost vomits on air

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BBC Breakfast host Ben Thompson was left "really worried" as his co-star Victoria Fritz looked close to vomiting live on-air.

The pair were looking through the newspaper headlines of the day when Ben stumbled across an image of a woman with 42-foot long nails, telling viewers at home: "Can we just show you this picture? Because it's kind of amazing but also a little bit disgusting."

Victoria then stuck out her tongue and made a retching noise, as Ben forged ahead: "42-foot fingernails. Can you see them? You need to sort of get the full sense of… Those are the fingernails."

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Holding the page up to the camera, the fingernails were painted in rainbow hues and plunged down, highlighting how much longer than the woman's body they are in reality.

Ben's co-presenter chimed in: "Just so you've got some sense of scale, this woman is actually… she's standing on a flight of stairs and they're actually longer than her. Crazy."

Ben explained: "She's been growing them for 25 years. We've been discussing how she does anything with fingernails that are 42 feet long. But she says her kids and her grandkids help her polish them – it takes up to five hours, apparently."

Victoria was gagging by this point, as Ben admitted: "Yeah, I'm really confused and worried by that. Sorry."

Things then turned rather racy, as Victoria warned: "Yeah. You don't even want to know what we were talking about, the things you wouldn't be able to do! But you can just imagine."

Ben chimed in: "I'm sure people can imagine!", as Victoria replied: "We'll leave it like that. It's quite early in the morning, isn't it Ben?"

Desperate to turn the topic back to normalcy, Ben said: "Yes, it's 23 minutes. past six!" before hastily moving on to the next segment.

Elsewhere on the show, weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was left red-faced as she accidentally shared a behind-the-scenes secret of her own.

Chatting to Ben and Victoria, Carol appeared on-screen to deliver the forecast amid a backdrop of glorious green hills and a winding river.

Ben introduced the segment by saying: "Let's talk about the weather. Let's have our first check of what the weather has in store – Carol has all those details.

"Good morning, Carol. Glorious view behind you – where's that?" he quizzed.

Carol, looking slightly taken aback, responded: "It is. That's a good question! It looks like it's either the Lake District or Scotland, I must say, Ben, but it has come from our stock library of photographs so I can't actually tell you with any certainty!"

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.


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