BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty caught eating during show ‘Bad timing’

Naga Munchetty caught eating breakfast on air

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On Thursday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, hosts Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt were speaking about emojis with glasses. The show cut to a clip of a young campaigner who wants more emoticons made to break the geek stereotype. However, a camera quickly cut to Naga back in the studio which caught her off guard.

Introducing the topic on Thursday morning, Naga and Charlie informed viewers that 13-year-old Lowri Moore is campaigning for the stigma on glasses with the nerd-face emoji to be challenged.

The young teen from Nottinghamshire wrote to Disney a while back and helped to inspire Encanto’s main character Mirabel, who wears glasses in the film.

Charlie added: “Lowrie is now back with a brand new mission to persuade tech bosses to create more glasses-wearing emojis beyond the geek stereotype.”

The two hosts added that correspondent Tim Muffett would be exploring the segment further as the show then cut to a pre-recorded video tape.

However, after viewers briefly saw a mobile phone with texts being exchanged using the nerd emoji, the camera then accidentally went back to the studio.

Unaware she was back on-screen, Naga could be seen having a conversation with someone before lifting up a tub of food ready to tuck in.

Although she must have been quickly informed that the camera had cut back to her as she pulled an awkward face and put the pot back down.

Viewers were quick to spot the error and joked that as the host was wearing glasses on the show herself, it was very bad timing.

David Connor tweeted: “God or bad timing, funny though.”

More to follow…

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