BBC Breakfasts Nina Warhurst in hysterics as co-host hints at career U-turn

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    BBC Breakfast's Nina Warhurst was in hysterics as her co-host Ben Thompson hinted at a niche career U-turn.

    Nina and Ben were at the helm of the popular morning show which airs on BBC One and iPlayer.

    Chatting about various topical news stories, the duo headed up the show on the red sofa as they got viewers ready for the day ahead.

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    "The first ever satellite mission from the UK failed to launch last month, because of a rocket fuel filter had become dislodged leading to the engine then overheating," Nina explained as she introduced a segment about space.

    Ben added that it was "hugely disappointing" before Nina urged Virgin Orbit not to give up.

    Chatting to Nina about the project, Ben then added: "It must be so frustrating if it's something, and I'm no scientist or expert at all."

    Nina then chimed in: "Really?" in a playful tone that suggested she was making light of Ben's excitement surrounding the topic.

    "It feels like a fuel filter, did they call it," he said before realising that Nina had made a joke, which led to them both bursting out in laughter.

    "Go on," Nina said laughing, before Ben finished his sentence with: "…was the whole problem."

    "That's about the extent of my rocket knowledge," he then added as the pair giggled while sat on the red sofa.

    Nina joked: "You convinced me," before Ben spoke of how the issue with the rocket launch was "very small".

    "I'm sure they will be back and it will all go smoothly," Nina then went on, before Ben joked: "They just need to give me a call."

    "Yeah, they just need your expertise," Nina joked as the pair giggled again before moving into the weather with Carol Kirkwood.

    BBC Breakfast airs everyday at 6am on BBC One, BBC News and BBC iPlayer.


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