Ben Shephard has head in hands over Kate Garraways confession

GMB: Kate reacts to Sam Smith’s inflatable suit

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Sam Smith’s inflatable black suit has been compared to one of David Bowie’s iconic looks meaning their outfit was once again a topic of conversation on Good Morning Britain. Speaking about the divisive look, Kate Garraway left Ben Shephard with his head in his hands as she explained why it would be a good outfit for her to wear.

Kate began: “It’s fantastic because yesterday Ben, you weren’t here but Richard Arnold was talking about London Fashion Week and some of the extraordinary things.”

As a video of Sam Smith wearing a black inflatable suit was shown, Ben was keen to get answers their outfit.

“Can I just ask, because you were there, can you remember everything. Is it inflatable? Has someone pumped them up with a bicycle pump?” Ben asked.

Kate clarified: “I can remember it all, I was sober as a judge. Yeah, inflatable trousers.

“I just think it’s fantastic because I’ve got my own natural inflation.”

As the GMB host made a comment about her own body, Ben giggled and had his head in his hands.

“I just think for me, what Sam Smith as wearing, is what my legs look like,” Kate continued.

“So all I have to do is wear tight PVC.”

It comes after Sam teased a cameo on Sex and the City spin-off, And Just Like That.

The singer, who is non-binary, shared a snap of themselves on location in New York.

In one photo they could be seen flashing a peace sign from behind the door of a trailer.

The second snap showed the singer in jeans and a grey jumper posing in a director’s chair.

They captioned the shot: “Up to something unholy on set.”

Seemingly confirming their appearance on the HBO show, the image was also posted on the official And Just Like That Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Kate Garraway was left embarrassed on Wednesday morning when she was told she “smells” by a guest.

She was joined by three search volunteers and border collie, Colin, who had assisted in the Turkey/Syria earthquake rescue.

Explaining how Colin can find survivors amongst all of the rubble, rescue volunteers Neil Woodmansey told Kate she “smells”.

“I am not being rude Kate but you smell, I mean we all smell,” he explained, as Kate was red-faced.

Neil went on to add: “The reality is we all smell and the dog will always pick up your scent.

“The idea is you hide [a toy] and the collie comes leaping for it and the idea is if your smell is coming out Colin will smell it.”

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