Beth is horrified in Corrie when Sinead's son Bertie calls Daisy 'mummy'

It’s three years since Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) died in massively emotional scenes in Coronation Street.

Sinead had cancer and struggled with the side effects of the treatment before deciding to stop having chemotherapy. She died in October 2019 at a tragically young age, leaving husband Daniel (Rob Mallard) and baby Bertie.

Daniel struggled to move on, but recently he’s found love again with Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

In upcoming episodes he and Daisy talk about the idea of her moving in to his flat, but she states that she’s not comfortable living somewhere that is so full of Daniel’s memories of Sinead. His angry reaction to this is explained by Adam (Sam Robertson) when he tells Daisy that it’s Sinead’s anniversary.

Daniel takes Bertie to Victoria Gardens and then drops him off with Sinead’s auntie Beth (Lisa George), who had a close bond with her niece and supported her through the weeks leading up to her death.

He goes to the Rovers to talk to Daisy, telling her that it’s been an emotional day but he would love it if she would live with him and Bertie.

Beth brings Bertie back to the flat and is horrified when the little boy calls Daisy ‘Mummy.’ Beth’s not ready for her beloved niece to be replaced by Daisy in Bertie’s affections.

Daisy, meanwhile, is having a few reservations herself, telling Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) that Bertie called her ‘Mummy’ and worrying that she isn’t ready for the commitment of taking on the role.

Jenny advises her that she’ll regret it if she walks away. Will Daisy take her advice?

And how will Beth react if she thinks Daisy is trying to take Sinead’s place?

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