Beverley Callard takes road trip with Jordan North to find perfect wedding destination to renew vows

SHE was all glam as Rovers Return landlady Liz McDonald, but Beverley Callard says that is a far cry from her latest role – playing herself.

The Corrie legend has teamed up with her pal and I’m A Celeb camp-mate, Radio 1 DJ Jordan North, for a new ITV series called Beverley & Jordan: Destination Wedding.

The five-parter, which starts on Wednesday next week, follows the pair on a Spanish road trip as Beverley heads to renew her wedding vows with husband Jon McEwan in the country.

In an exclusive joint interview, she said: “There was no hair and make-up, I looked dog-rough throughout the entire show.

“It was authentic and that is what it was really like. At the start, I thought this will be easy for Jordan because he is a star, to him it comes so naturally but it doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Across the series, Beverley and Jordan take in Northern Spain, Madrid, Toledo, Valencia and Benidorm. But the vows ceremony, which took place in August in Mojacar, southern Spain, was low key.

Beverley said: “It wasn’t showbiz, I had my family and my old school friends from Leeds there. It was so down to earth and lovely.”

But there was one hitch.

She said: “Jordan got really emotional and he had to make the speech — and was rubbish.”

Cutting in, Jordan added: “It is the worst wedding speech I have ever seen. I got everyone’s names wrong. I thanked the wrong people.”

The pair have now confirmed they are in talks for another series.

But Beverley said: “We want a massive budget. I want the nicest clothes you have seen. But let’s be honest, there is no chance of that.

“They are talking about different things — we’ll end up in Cleethorpes.”

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