'Black Ink Crew': Ceaser Emanuel Ex Crystal Torres Claims He Was 'Found Guilty' for Child Neglect

Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emanuel’s daughter Cheyenne publicly accused him of abuse in Jan. 2021. During season 9, he addressed the allegations and shared his side of the story. However, following the episode, his ex and daughter’s mother, Crystal Torres, blasted him for using the accusations as a storyline and claimed a court found him guilty of child neglect.

Ceaser Emanuel daughter accused him of abuse

The teenager daughter of the Black Ink shop owner, 16-year-old Cheyenne, publicly accused her father of abuse in a Jan. 2021 Instagram Live. According to her, the New York-based artist grabbed her out of the shower while naked and allegedly beat her “like a dog in the street.”

She claimed her father, supposedly drunk at the time, bust down several bathroom doors to get to her and launched a speaker at her head, resulting in the police being called.

Following her accusations, Ceaser’s girlfriend, Atlanta-based realtor Suzette Samuel, went off on the teenager in a series of posts uploaded to her Instagram Stories. She claimed the 16-year-old wanted expensive wigs without doing chores, such as washing the dishes, calling her a “thot,” and implied Cheyenne had a sexually transmitted disease.

The realtor also blasted the teenager’s mother, Crystal Torres, insisting Ceaser’s ex wanted a storyline for the new season.

He shared his side of the story during an episode of ‘Black Ink Crew’

During Black Ink Crew Season 9 Episode 5, the shop owner opened up about the public feud, noting how “betrayed” he felt. He claimed his daughter came to live with him and his girlfriend in Atlanta during the shutdown as she had difficulty getting along with her mom at the time.

According to the New York-based artist, Cheyenne returned home for a few weeks and came back as a “different person.” He said he asked his daughter to do the dishes, but she refused and listened to music instead.

When he confronted her, the shop owner claims she cussed at him, so he took away her speaker. Afterward, Ceaser said Cheyenne called the police and told them she didn’t want to do any chores. However, according to him, nothing happened until she went back to live with her mom and accused him of abuse in the Instagram Live three months later.

The shop owner spoke to his cousin, Teddy Ruks, about the situation, and they both seemingly believe his ex orchestrated the accusations due to jealousy of his new relationship. Even so, Ted admitted he thought Ceaser should consider breaking up with Suzette for her posts about his daughter.

Crystal not happy with how allegations are portrayed; she said he was ‘found guilty’

After the episode, Cheyenne’s mother and Ceaser’s ex, Crystal, uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram Stories, refuting much of what he said. According to the New York native, her daughter told her Ceaser asked her to do the dishes before he got home.

When he returned, she claims Cheyenne blasted music while in the shower and didn’t hear him call for her. She continued and said he broke doors down to get to their daughter, and they began arguing in front of his girlfriend and others.

Crystal claimed the confrontation got violent, resulting in Cheyenne locking herself in a room, clad in a towel where she used a laptop to call her mom. Because Crystal couldn’t get in touch with anyone, she said she called the police, which she noted is public, and claimed the reports have pictures of her daughter bruised and bleeding.

The New York native also explained they waited to go public regarding the allegations because they expected Ceaser to call over the holidays but say he never did.

Additionally, Crystal denied blocking the shop owner and claimed a child protective services agency investigated him.

She also pointed out the state of New York found him guilty for neglect and believes he’s using the situation, which she claimed he once wanted to keep “private,” for the show. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays at 9/8 Central on VH1.

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