Black Panther star Danai Gurira says Oscars buzz was not expected

Danai Gurira has revealed that none of the Black Panther cast realised they were filming a potential Oscars 2019 contender.

Disney and Marvel bosses have already kickstarted efforts to champion the movie to awards season glory following its critical and box office success.

However, speaking recently, the Okoye actress revealed that the Black Panther team did not anticipate Academy Awards buzz while making it – but, nor was she surprised by its eventual success.

“My mind did not go there,” she told Variety.

Of its success, she added: “We did know that there definitely was a hunger for this type of story. We had it. Growing up, you want to see superheroes who look like yourself.

“That’s the whole point. As a kid you want to see something or someone who looks like you.”

Marvel has reportedly already made moves to bag Black Panther awards season glory by hiring veteran Oscar strategist Cynthia Swartz.

So, could Black Panther sweep the Oscars?

It would certainly be an MCU first, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, with ‘Best Picture’, ‘Best Costume Design’ and ‘Best Original Movie Score’ among the possible nominations the film could land.

Earlier this year, the Academy suggested it would be adding the new category ‘Popular Film’ in 2019, thought to be due to the commercial success of films such as Black Panther and The Greatest Showman, but it later backtracked on the idea after a backlash from filmmakers and fans.

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