Bradley Walsh admits he ‘can’t help it’ after giving away’ costly The Chase answer

The Chase: Bradley Walsh cracks up at answer options

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Mark Labbett was the Chaser tasked with trying to stop a team of four budding quizzers walking home with some serious cash on Wednesday’s The Chase. Kathrine, Ollie, Sharon and Carlton all hoped their general knowledge expertise was enough to beat The Beast in their head to heads, with ITV presenter Bradley Walsh on hand to provide the questions. However, first player Kathrine was almost offered somewhat of a helping hand from The Chase frontman when he burst into laughter at the answers for one of her brainteasers.

After racking up £8,000 in her cash-builder, Kathrine seemed a formidable opponent for Mark when the two took to the table.

Disregarding the lower offer of a generous £2,000, Kathrine stuck with what she’d earned to try and make it back to the Final Chase.

However, she failed to do so but during her final question against Mark, Bradley defended himself as he feared he’d “given away” the answer and inadvertently helped Kathrine.

The brainteaser in question saw Bradley ask: “In sumo wrestling, who is the gyoji?”

The Chase host then read aloud the possible answers: “A – Referee, B – Top-ranked wrestler, C – Loincloth cleaner.”

As soon as he said the final possible answer, Bradley burst into laughter as Kathrine and Mark locked in their answers.

Chuckling away, Bradley said: “I can’t help it.

“Because I don’t see the questions, I sort of give it away, it ain’t C, is it?”

However, keen to keep the tension in the studio, Mark interjected: “Well, it might be!”

“No, it can’t be a loincloth cleaner,” Bradley replied, still giggling. “Don’t be daft.”

Mark then weighed in: “Well, I’ll tell you I know one of them it isn’t so that’s the alternative to what I’d have gone.”

It soon became clear that Bradley’s suspicions were correct as loincloth cleaner was the wrong answer.

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Kathrine had opted for top-ranked wrestler while Mark selected referee, with the Chaser proved to be correct.

While Bradley’s laughter may have swayed Kathrine, it swayed her the wrong away and her costly answer ensured she left the show empty-handed.

The hilarious nature of the question didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home, with @pauldevenish saying on Twitter: “Loincloth cleaner, I bet that’s a mucky job…  #TheChase.”

And @Miss_Vix88 also commented: “I wouldn’t want to be the loin cloth cleaner [sick emoji] #thechase.”

In the end, Ollie and Carlton were the only players to face off against Mark in the Final Chase.

With a combined £6,000 to play for, they set Mark the target of 17 steps to beat them in the final round.

But true to form, The Beast proved no match and sent the team home empty-handed with 27 seconds still to spare.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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