Calvin Harris pays tribute to legend Rod Stewart for making him feel amazing

The One Show: Calvin Harris explains Rod Stewart photo

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris detailed how Sir Rod Stewart makes him “feel amazing” when playing in front of live audiences.

On Thursday’s instalment of The One Show, the 39-year-old spoke to hosts Alex Jones and Roman Kemp about his unusual routine.

Mentioning Calvin’s residency in Ibiza, Alex admitted: “We learnt that Calvin has got a certain somebody next to him while this is going on, somebody to motivate you?”

Admitting that’s correct, the DJ confessed: “It’s Rod Stewart, it’s a picture of Rod Stewart.”

Speaking about the framed image, BBC viewers saw a photo of Calvin excitedly holding the Rod Stewart snap while DJing one of his shows.

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As laughter could be heard in the studio, Calvin explained the image of Rod Stewart was taken sometime between the late 80s to early 90s.

Calvin then detailed the reason why he has the framed image of the singing sensation next to him at gigs.

He shared: “There was a show that wasn’t going particularly well.

“Connor, who takes photos, I turned around to him and said, ‘What would Rod Stewart do?’

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“He said, ‘He’d smile and point at people.’ I did that for the rest of the show and I felt amazing, just smiling and pointing at folks.”

The DJ explained it was from that moment that the photo of Rod Stewart has become a part of his performances.

He added: “If it’s not going too well, just smile and point.” Alex replied: “Just look at Rod!”

The One Show host questioned who else would be his backup if Rod wasn’t able to make a show.

Calvin said: “Another picture of Rod, a different picture of Rod. It’s only Rod, don’t ask me why. It’s only Rod.”

As a joke, the show presented Calvin with a framed photo of Roman Kemp doing the same pose as Rod Stewart, in case he wanted to switch up his usual routine.

The One Show continues weeknights on ITV from 7pm.

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