Charles arrested for murder – as Alex dies in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Charles (Kevin Mathurin) is in the frame for Alex’s (Liam Boyle) hit and run, having been arrested thanks to overwhelming evidence that he was the assailant, but if Alex’s condition deteriorates, is Charles looking at a murder sentence as well?

This week, Charles discovered Alex had been successful in stealing drugs from the surgery.

He found bags of gear in the boot of Alex’s car, who then attempted to flee the village by grabbing one bag and making a run for it.

While this ordeal was unfolding, Billy (Jay Kontzle) had gotten in his car and departed the village to get some dinner for the family, after receiving wonderful news he’s now able to become Lucas and Clemmie’s guardian.

With Charles out for a drive to clear his head, Alex was on a country road on the phone.

He stepped out, only to be smacked by an oncoming car.

And who was driving?

No, not Charles – Billy.

With Alex in hospital, the police arrived during Friday’s edition (March 31) of the ITV soap.

They spoke to Naomi (Karene Peter), who quickly made her way over to the hospital to see Alex, and then questioned Charles – and it wasn’t looking good for him.

Charles was put in the frame by damage made to his car when he and Alex had a scuffle, damage that looked remarkably like it could have been caused by a hit and run. Add that to a motive, and Charles is now the number one suspect.

The detectives failed to really listen to Charles and arrested him on suspicion for dangerous driving, warning him that if Alex doesn’t wake up from his coma – things are going to get a whole lot worse.

But with the guilt eating away at Billy, is he about to let Charles take the fall?

Or will he confess and run the risk of destroying the happy family dynamic he’s worked so hard to build with Dawn (Olivia Bromley)?

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