Colbert Reps the COVID Vaccines by Being Hilariously Bad at Newer Slang (Video)

During his monologue on Tuesday, Stephen Colbert kicked things off with a lengthy look at the latest COVID vaccine news, and the highlight was easily a gag where he was hilariously inept attempt to use new slang and eventually devolved into slang from when Colbert was in his teens.

It came during Colbert’s recurring “The Vax Scene” segment, which as always features extremely long, very amusing animated introductions. Early on, Colbert talked about how the U.S. government is set to approve the Pfizer vaccine for people age 12-15. Cue Colbert dropping a lot of slang, some of which is very new and some from quite a long time ago, and all of it from well after his youth.

“TBH that’s gucci. Being able to totes hug your family is lit. I ship adolescents ages 12-15 and this vaccine hundo p! I pity the fool. Don’t do drugs. Except for the vaccine.”

The bit was even funnier because Colbert appeared to be reading from a prompter that didn’t organize them into clear sentences. But also that Mr. T reference was funny too.

Colbert also touched on other vaccine news, such as a brewery in Buffalo, NY offering free beer if people get a vaccine. “Finally, a way to get the residents of Buffalo drinking beer,” Colbert joked.

Colbert also poked fun at New York City’s plan to distribute vaccines at subway stopes, “because if there’s one thing everyone thinks on the subway, it’s ‘I wish I could have a medical procedure down here.’”

There’s a lot more to the monologue — including an amusing moment when Colbert basically said he thinks Donald Trump Jr. is a cocaine user. You can watch it all above right now.

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