Coronation Street fans call out baffling plot hole in Seb Franklin's murder trial as Kelly Neelan stitched up

CORONATION Street fans have called out a baffling plot hole in Seb Franklin's murder trial – did you spot it?

The handyman – played by actor Harry Visinoni in the ITV soap – died last week after he was violently attacked by Corey Brent and his gang.

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Last night fans were left horrified when thug Corey framed Kelly Neelan for Seb's death.

Corey called up his dad Stefan for help as he attempted to worm his way out of trouble.

 Stefan advised him to put the blame on Kelly before the police obtained forensic evidence linking him to the crime.

Hours later Kelly also went to the station, but it looks like Corey beat her to it.

When an officer revealed Corey’s account described Kelly repeatedly kicking Seb in the head, she tried to insist he was lying, but it was clearly too late.

The officer said of Corey: “He came to us voluntarily, before any forensic evidence had been presented.

"He gave a full account that’s fully supported by that evidence, from the blood we found on your trainers and skirt, to the DNA we recovered from Miss Lucas.

“Whereas you have offered nothing voluntarily, only making admissions when presented with incontrovertible evidence. Tell me Kelly, who would you believe?”

However, viewers were quick to point out a huge slip-up – Kelly wouldn't have been able to hospitalise AND kill a person twice her size.

One tweeted: "As if the police would believe that Kelly could push Seb down to the ground and that Corey wouldn't be able to stop Kelly. She's half the size of him."

Another agreed with their point and added: "True! And she wouldn’t be able to beat both of them up!"

A third said: "Surely the Police can tell someone of Kelly’s size couldn’t do that vicious attack alone!"

A fourth chimed in: "So Kelly managed to single handedly kill Seb whilst also assaulting Nina. Meanwhile Corey, a guy twice Kelly’s size, wasn’t able to pull her off Seb. Soap police being smart as usual."

A fifth tweeted: "I'm sure Seb as a male man would have been able to defend himself against Kelly what utter b*****ks."

Kelly was charged with Seb’s murder and GBH for the assault on Nina in the episode.

Foster parents Imran and Toyah were later shocked when they found out the news.

But solicitor Imran made it clear he's backing his foster daughter the whole way.

He told Toyah: "She is a frightened child, who I’ve promised to protect. And I won’t back down from that, no matter how hard things get,” he said.

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