Coronation Street spoiler: Drama in Weatherfield as the restaurant goes up in flames

Since returning to Weatherfield, Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar) has been a troubled soul, and now he's really under pressure, as his dodgy dealing gets discovered.

He's back having split with wife Mehnaz, because he had an affair. But that was only half the story, as he left owing £50,000 to his father-in-law Hashim.

Now Hashim's tracked him down, and unable to pay his debt, Zeedan's been blackmailed into laundering money through the family restaurant Speed Daal.

It's a nightmare situation for Zeedan, who knows that if his gran Yasmeen and sister Alya (Sair Khan) find out what he's after, Hashim won't be the only one giving him grief.

This week, after finding the bag of dodgy money he's been given, Ryan forces Zeedan to tell him the whole story.

Ryan begs his friend to go to the police, only for Alya to walk in during their row. Despite Zeedan begging him to keep quiet about what he knows, Ryan tells Alya what her brother's been up to and Zee’s horrified to later find feisty Alya confronting Hashim.

Then, after the Speed Daal van goes missing, Hashim makes a terrifying threat to Zeedan. It's not long before the family's restaurant is engulfed in flames. But is Zeedan to blame for the blaze or is somebody else the firestarter?

Meanwhile Daniel (Rob Mallard) is jealous when his teasing leads Daisy to flirt with one of James’s teammates. Later, he’s gutted to be dumped for a footballer – but it's a result for Summer, who then tries in vain to catch Daniel’s attention with a makeover.

But when he wishes his ex luck in her new romance, it’s Daisy's turn to be downcast. Has she been too hasty in her decision?

Curtis says his wedding will be small as he doesn’t get on with family and all his friends are abroad. He says they need the cash for his treatment but what he doesn't know is that Emma plans to invite his family as a surprise.

Later, Curtis makes Emma (Alexandra Mardell) wait outside during an appointment with his specialist as he clearly doesn't want her to hear the conversation.

However he's thrown later when a man named Neville arrives on the Street and tells Emma he’s Curtis’s dad.

Elsewhere, Gary and Maria offer Kelly a job at the barber’s, while Kelly worries about Stu’s health.

And Grace is in trouble after meeting Bernie for a drink and leaving baby Glory home alone. But she then shocks Aggie with an incredible offer that could be life-changing for them all…

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