Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff insists on punishing Daniel for stealing his cash for prostitute Nicky

GEOFF Metcalfe insists on making Daniel Osbourne pay next week in Coronation Street when he discovers he stole his cash to help sex worker Nicky.

Geoff – who is played by Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – will attack Alya Nazir this week in the ITV soap after his money goes missing.

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But it’s actually Daniel who spots an opportunity when Geoff leaves an envelope of cash behind at Adam’s office after trying to fish for information about Yasmeen’s case. 

In scenes set to air later this week, Daniel will pocket the money and give it to Nicky in the hope that she’ll quit her job as a sex worker. 

But next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Geoff corner Adam and Daniel and threaten to go to the police after remembering that he left the envelope in their office and realising Alya couldn’t have taken his money.

Geoff’s suspicions grow when he spots Nicky giving Daniel some money in the cafe and insisting she doesn’t need all of it. 

Meanwhile, Adam – who’s also grown suspicious of Daniel’s antics after his outburst at Geoff – tells Daniel he’s going to look over the CCTV.

Later at the police station, viewers will see Daniel break down and admit he gave Geoff’s money to Nicky. 

The police call Geoff and tell him about Daniel’s confession and mention his willingness to repay the money. 

But Geoff insists that he wants to see Daniel punished for his actions. 

Adam and Craig despair over Daniel’s latest stunt, with Craig telling Adam that it’s about time Daniel sorted his life out. 

Later, Daniel calls at Speed Daal and reluctantly asks Geoff for his bank details so he can transfer the money.

Will Geoff find a way to get revenge?

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