Coronation Street spoilers: Ray Crosby gives Leanne Battersby £10,000 for Oliver's treatment

EVIL Ray Crosby offers to give £10,000 towards Oliver Battersby’s private treatment next week in Coronation Street when Nick asks him to buy his half of the factory.

Nick offered to sell Underworld to help fund the £500,000 private treatment for Oliver – who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease earlier this year – after doctors suggested turning off his life support.

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But next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Ray turn down Nick’s offer when he calls at the bistro and asks him if he’d be interested in buying his half of the factory. 

Nick is then stunned when Ray offers to make a £10,000 donation to Oliver’s medical fund instead. 

But Ray’s offer will turn out to be all for nothing later in the week when Leanne and Steve get some awful news. 

The parents are left reeling when they’re told that, after discussions with the clinic in Germany, the doctors have decided that Oliver’s condition is too serious to offer treatment. 

Leanne hits the roof and tells Nick she feels that the doctor’s have abandoned Oliver. 

Will Leanne admit defeat?

Viewers know that Ray is on a mission to destroy the cobbles by buying up the properties one by one. 

The sleazy hotelier has already blackmailed Kevin Webster into giving him control of the garage’s building, and schemed to take the Bistro from Michelle Connor. 

And his latest stunt saw him cause a giant sinkhole in David Platt’s garden, before asking a developer mate of his to buy the house for the full asking price.

But does Ray's offer to Nick show he has a heart after all?

Or could there be something sinister about his offer?

Speaking to about Ray’s evil plan, actor Mark Frost said: "I think he does see himself an empire builder, so he is looking to purchase property and get his business to grow exponentially.

Talking about why his character wants to destroy the cobbles, Mark added: "He’s got no familial links. He sees people and communities as pawns. I think to a certain extent there is that breed of property developer, who in order to get plans drawn up and disband communities, they can’t surely look at people as individuals and human beings.

"For him, sentimentality is a weakness. It’s something he hates and its probably something from his childhood. We could look at his attitude towards women and maybe his mother, but I think its to do with that.

"I think he sees the bon ami and the neighbourly love in Weatherfield and people looking out for each other. I think he has a distaste for that.’

"I think it probably burns him in a way because he is such a loner, and he doesn’t feel that. I think he’s quite prepared to set fire to all of that."

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