Coronation Street star on why Aggie and Tim should never have an affair

Put two unlikely characters together in a soap and many people reach only one conclusion: an affair. This was the case for Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) in Coronation Street.

They struck up a friendship a few months ago, when Tim started experiencing concerning heart problems.

Aggie became someone Tim could confide in, but it led to Sally (Sally Dynevor) wondering if they were seeing each other as her husband wasn’t being completely honest with her.

Following Tim’s triple-heart bypass, the friendship between him and Aggie continued to develop.

They spend time catching up in Victoria Garden, sharing thoughts about a book and overall, just being really great friends.

Of course, this dynamic is something we don’t often see in a soap. As we mentioned previously, usually when a surprising duo is formed, betrayal happens – but that isn’t the case for Tim and Aggie, and Lorna Laidlaw thinks exactly the same, as she explained during an exclusive chat with

‘I’m really adamant, these two people should never have an affair. It’s alright for a man and a woman to be mates.

‘The panic about them is they’re worried about what other people are going to think and actually the fans don’t want them to be together, they don’t want them to have an affair and they should never get together, but I hope the writers carry on the friendship because I think it’s important to reflect the world, and I’ve got loads of male friends.’

‘It’s very rare on Corrie you see a man and a woman who sit down and have beers together, give advice to each other, with no other thing other than friendship’, she adds.

‘Joe’s a dream to work with. He’s a very naughty man! We do laugh a lot and we get on really well because the storyline’s really important to us and it’s so well-written. If you took Aggie away and put a man, there it would be practically the same dialogue. For me that’s what’s interesting about it. There’s a person giving another person support.

‘Partners, as scared as they are, that’s their problem. They’re painting something on something that’s not there.

‘The reason they hide it is because of people’s perception of that, that they’re having an affair.’

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