Coronation Street's new cast member Kate Spencer arrives on set after landing role as Michael Bailey's ex

CORONATION Street's new cast member Kate Spencer has been pictured arriving on set after landing a role as Michael Bailey's ex.

The actress plays Grace Vickers in the ITV soap, who has slowly been rebuilding her relationship with ex-Michael after a chance encounter last year.

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The former couple are now co-parenting their daughter Tianna and a year on from her debut, Kate is clearly relishing her role in Weatherfield and more screen time yet to come.

Arriving on set in the Manchester sunshine, Kate beamed as she wore a pair of white cropped dungarees and sneakers.

Carrying a plum coloured handbag, Kate wore a black boob tube underneath her dungarees and her hair tied back in a high ponytail.

While Kate has been on and off screen this last year, viewers will soon be seeing a lot more of her as Grace.

Kate – who was working behind the box office counter at Derby Theatre before landing the role – has been a lifelong fan of the soap.

Speaking about her dream role on the show, Kate told Derbyshire Live: "I've been a huge fan of Coronation Street since a child, my mum is obsessed – it's wonderful to be part of it.

"Grace is quite difficult because people don't know how to react to her because she's been guarded and caged throughout [her life]."

Revealing a hint at what fans can expect, she added: "I think in the coming weeks as her storyline develops it will shed a bit of light into why she is the way she is.

"There maybe a reason why she's being quite guarded – not just with Michael but with the whole situation.

"I am really excited that audiences are going to see her and get to know her a little bit more. I think some will like her more and some not so.

"So far what viewers have received from her is what other people have said but they haven't been able to get their own opinion yet."

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