Coronation Street’s Tim is ‘disgusted’ as he realises dad Geoff has been hiring escorts and lying about Yasmeen abuse – The Sun

CORONATION Street's Tim Metcalfe is disgusted after finding out his father Geoff cheated on Yasmeen with escorts and lied about emotionally abusing his wife.

The character had been very supportive of his father after Yasmeen stabbed him, but that is set to change after learning of his dad's dirty secrets.

Tim (Joe Duttine) has been adamant that Yasmeen (Shelley King) be charged with the crime of stabbing his dad, adamant that she go down for attempted murder.

Despite Alya's trying to explain what caused her grandmother to lash out and harm her husband, Tim refused to listen and has been supporting his father as best he can.

Tim is in denial but his world will soon turn upside down after a itellin conversation with good friend Eileen (Sue Cleaver).

Sally Metcalfe, Tim's wife on the show, played by Sally Dyvenor, weighed in the compelling storyline and what is next for her on-screen husband.

Sally revealed: "I think Eileen starts to say a few things and Tim starts to… Sally has said things but hearing them out of the family home and from someone else starts to make him think.

"He’s not really listening to Sally, but listening to someone like Eileen who is not part of it makes him suddenly think. Actually, Tim is disgusted that his dad has had prostitutes, he can’t believe it and is as shocked as anyone."

She added: "And when Yasmeen wore that red dress, when she came in the Rovers, that was all really odd when it didn’t properly fit her. So when Sally looks back, she can see that something wasn’t right and it all didn’t make sense."

With Tim slowly starting to put the pieces together, Sally reveals her character is willing to put her marriage to stop Yasmeen being sentenced to a long stretch behind bars.

She continued: "I think she would be prepared to risk it as, how could she live with someone who is not accepting of some of the issues that have been raised about Geoff?

"So, I think Sally would go far to defend Yasmeen because she is so upset about it and determined to help her at the detriment of her own relationship."

Sally, who has featured the Cobbles since 1986, has revealed the current storyline is a reminder of her own horrendous domestic abuse storyline back in the nineties with Greg Kelly.

She told Inside Soap: "I remember that it was one of the only storylines I've had where I've been home at night and thought, 'today was horrendous'."

"It's hard going through something like that, spending a day being abused and beaten up, and then coming home to live a normal life."

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