‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Star Constance Wu in Talks for New Comedy

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From crazy rich to crazy… pregnant?”Crazy Rich Asians” star Constance Wu is in talks for a starring role in a new rom-com, THR reports. The story centers on a very unusual pregnancy, with the script being written by Savion Einstein. Screen Gems acquired the spec script after Einsten was honored as a Nicholl Fellowship semifinalist in 2016, according to Deadline at the time.
Wu’s potential character hasn’t been announced, but the untitled comedy reportedly follows a “charmingly chaotic” woman who ends up pregnant with two babies with two different fathers. And yes, that’s possible. It’s a phenomena known as superfecundation. The children would be twins yet only half-siblings.
Wu’s last major film, “Crazy Rich Asians,” was a major box office hit over the summer. Not only that, she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role. Having seen her in the film and other roles, we think she’d do “charmingly chaotic” well.
“GLOW” actor Kimmy Gatewood is in negotiations to direct in what would be her feature directorial debut. The untitled comedy’s release date has not yet been announced.
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