Dan Walker forced to backtrack and correct himself after BBC Breakfast mishap ‘Idiot!’

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BBC Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin informed viewers they would be joined by historian and presenter Dan Snow to commemorate 400 years since the Mayflower set off to sail the Atlantic, giving passengers the hope of starting a new life in America. But while updating viewers on the segment to come in the programme, Dan was left flushed after he referred to getting the “latest” on the ship’s status, despite it being 400 years since the event took place.

Louise and Dan always welcome a host of guests onto the programme and today was no different.

One big story from today’s instalment was the news of the milestone of the first sail of the Mayflower ship. 

Dan told viewers: “Coming up, we’re going to be here! This is the scene in Plymouth this morning 

“400 years ago today the Mayflower set off to cross the Atlantic, we’ll be getting the very latest on that.”

However, he soon realised his slight error after reminding himself how long the event took place.

He soon backtracked and clarified his words, adding: “Well not the latest, it happened 400 years ago… we’ll be speaking to historian and presenter Dan Snow.”

Louise stepped in after the light-hearted moment, joking: “Those are the latest pictures… they are live.”

A red-faced Dan replied to his co-host: “That’s what I mean, you know what I mean!”

Trying to move things on, Louise said: “Anyway, let’s get the latest on the news, travel and the weather.”

However, Dan couldn’t resist the opportunity of a joke at his expense, with the pair both in hysterics.

He said: “How are they doing on the Mayflower? They left a long time ago, you idiot!”

“Let’s get the news travel and weather wherever you are… today,” Louise quipped.


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