Dancing On Ice’s Caprice had ‘catastrophic’ fallout with Hamish over ‘something big’ claims Jeremy Vine – The Sun

DANCING On Ice's Caprice Bourret must have had 'catastrophic' fallout with her professional partner Hamish Gaman claims Jeremy Vine.

The TV presenter says "something big" must have happened between the pair to make them refuse to continue working together.


" I think falling out with your partner on a dance show has to be catastrophic," he said as Caprice's fellow contestant Ben Hamlin appeared on his Channel 5 chat show.
"Because that's like, they're saving a drowning person, if you don't like them you're going to drown.
"I don't understand what's gone on there but whatever it is, it's big.
"Isn't showbiz all about faking it sometimes can't they pretend?"

"She's a dark horse in this competition, she's very, very good so best of luck to her," Ben added.

Yesterday Caprice broke her silence after she dumped Dancing On Ice partner Hamish – replacing him with Oscar Peter.

Caprice, 48, confirmed she had now partnered up with Oscar after The Sun revealed he had been lined up following Hamish stepping back.

When asked by a fan on Twitter if she could reveal who she'd skate with on Sunday, she said: "Oscar Peter he is amazing."

A Twitter user also shared a video of Oscar performing on an ice rink, and said: "Could this be the new partner for @CapriceBourret_ If so I've no complaints I (and #BlackTwitterMovement) am definitely be here for it."

Caprice responded: “It certainly is and he is amazing.”

Caprice returned to rehearsals earlier this week in London with professional skater Oscar.

It is Oscar’s first year on the show. A source said: “Caprice’s relationship with Hamish was harmonious at the start but as time went on they became more strained.

“She felt he was pushing her too hard in training and Caprice started to struggle.

“She felt he could have been more patient and they ended up having a big row.

“In the end it became completely unworkable for them to carry on and after speaking with the bosses they called it quits. It was getting toxic so stopping the partnership was best for everyone.”

An ITV spokeswoman said: “We’re pleased to say that Caprice is back on the ice today in training and very much working towards returning to the show on Sunday night.”

Hamish, 36, will not be skating on the show with Caprice again.

A source added: “Hamish will be continuing on the show as part of the group performances each week but he won’t be dancing with Caprice again.

"After what happened between them the professionals weren’t clamouring to pair up with her.

“But the producers are confident she could get along better with Oscar.”

Caprice had already at issues in her professional relationship with Hamish. She said in a new interview that fans of the show could expect “drama” as the series continued.

A spokeswoman for ITV said: “We do not recognise any of these claims.

"These suggestions absolutely do not reflect the good characters of either Hamish or Caprice, from whom we have seen hard work and commitment."


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