Dean Gaffney drops biggest hint he will return to EastEnders after attending 35th anniversary party with cast – The Sun

DEAN Gaffney has dropped the biggest hint yet that he will return to EastEnders after attending the 35th anniversary party with the cast.

The 42-year-old was axed from the BBC soap last year after a string of boozed-up disasters and kiss-and-tell scandals behind the scene.

The final straw came when he begged a mum-of-two on Facebook to send him snaps of her boobs and bum after he wrote flirty texts to the 26-year-old dental nurse.

But despite being written out for the time being, Dean – who played Robbie Jackson from 1993 to 2019 – joined his castmates and the show’s bosses at the massive party.

In a now deleted image he posed up alongside Emma Barton and Louisa Lytton as he celebrated the milestone.

Speaking to The Sun Online last week Dean revealed he was still very much part of the EastEnders  family.

He said: “The good thing is there is no animosity we me and EastEnders. I am going along to the 35th anniversary party on Friday – there is no problem.

“There is no issue there, it was just a shock at the time because you are like ‘oh my god, how can this be happening’ but I have to take full responsibility that I did have that conversation.

“I knew the rules and the rules are in this day and age and in this current climate you can’t be putting yourself in harm’s way speaking to someone you don’t know personally.”

Discussing why he was let go, he revealed that bosses wanted him to come back saying: “I think EastEnders just thought enough is enough — and I don’t blame them.

“They said to me, ‘You are either really bad at picking women or you need to sort it out. You need to go off and find out why you are doing these things’.

“They were saying they loved me and wanted me to come back and they wished it wasn’t happening  — but it is happening and they need to deal with it.”

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